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Wi-Fi calling not working on Salt (Switzerland) network with S9

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For the past month, I have been unable to use the Samsung S9 phone I have bought specifically to use it in Wi-Fi calling mode, as 3/4G does not work in my office. Salt has not been able to fix it.

In its latest message, Salt is now shifting the blame on Samsung's phones, notably the S9. See e-mail I received a few days ago.

I would like to hear what Samsung has to say to this, 1) can they confirm, 2) if yes, what is the solution.

As this is a real problem for me, I am eagerly waiting for the Wi-Fi calling function to be again usable on my phone.


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Superuser I

I'm not quite sure how it would be Samsungs fault for a network driven feature @Pierre2020 


Unless you believe the phone is somehow failing and as such You could have the phone looked at from a Samsung Service Centre.

Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-9820 _256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.



1) Samsung confirms that the problem is not with them, and that they have not been informed of an alleged issue, as per Salt's e-mail. See attached.

2) And almost at the same time as Samsung was telling me that they had nothing to do with it, an e-mail from Salt (Swiss mobile telco) came in, saying that Wi-Fi calling was now working. Not long after having told me this was an Android / Samsung issue.

Truly disappointing that consumers could have their legitimate requests to have a  non-working service fixed (Wi-Fi calling) brushed off by fake news.


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Since I wrote this, the Wi-Fi calling service has been disconnected twice, for over a week. Salt does not seem to have a control over its network. And it is impossible to have proper feedback, as there is a total disconnect between the technical team (unreachable) and the support team that just repeats the scant explanations provided by the technical team. Try to ask the commercial team for a refund for selling a service that does not work? Just as easy as being bounced on an easyJet flight adn getting compensation for it. Customer service is a concept that has disappeared, Darwinian forces at play, the strongest will prevail, and consumers are too often left ***** in their quest for a just compensation from the large telecom companies (or airlines). Sad.

I have exactly the same problem As you. I gave up. Interesting to note that if i inserti my sim in a honor Wifi calling works. Have you tried, Just for confirmation ?

On my side I gave up 2 months ago with this 


Hi Pierre,


I have a different sound on my side .

Salt admitted that the problem is theirs, they are trying to fix it ... 

On My side it is Terrible, I need the wifi calling to work ...

And for a week it is a catastrophe .

Impossible to take a call when the wifi calling is on ...

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