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Where is the 360 camera mode?


I use this mode a lot, and now it's gone and it seems that there is no way to download more Camera Modes in Galaxy Apps




Go into camera mode, on the top of the screen you'll se options in yellow, choose "PANORAMA" mode and follow the instructions.


Hope I've given you the correct info.

Hello @grilo67, thanks for your response, but there was another mode where you can take kind of a "full sphere 360" photo (sky, panorama and floor), that looks like the S9 doesn't have it anymore.

Ah, surround shot? Hadn't realised thatched missing too!

Surround Shot ! Yes, I miss it so much =(

Omg - just checked myself and can't find it 😮

Have you checked to see if it's possible to download the camera mode at all

So I had surround shot on my s6 edge  and it shiws up on my canera options  on the s8 plus but for some reason but it crashes every time I select it.

They probably removed it in order to increase sales of their Gear 360 camera.

Same with the dual camera mode in S7. That's missing too. Although the S9 camera is good especially the SuperSlow Mo... the modes and downloads
For S7 we're better
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