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VPN PPTP Broken with HotSpot Galaxy S9




VPN PPTP work on the Phone

-- BUT --

If I enable Hotspot of S9 and i connect my PC to HotSpot of S9, I can't connect to a PPTP VPN.


This is a problem of soft. Maybe Ports are blocked or protocol GRE ? But there is really a problem !


EDIT : With Samsung S7 => It work ! It's really a problem of S9 ...


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@LiloBzH wrote:
messages of yesterday are deleted ??!! it's joke ?

Sorry about that, LiloBzH. Looks like they got caught up with the removal of an ad last night. I've restored the posts now. 

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Ah ok ! No problem !


Thank's for restoring messages


 5 month to a patch !!!

it took lot of time time but it's finally patched


Today : G960FXXU2BRGA


PPTP Vpn with hotspot is ok !!!!!!!!!!! Incredible !!


I'm really disappointed with the time it took but thank you for the patch


Anyone to confirm the last update is OK ?

View solution in original post


How did you manage, I still cannot connect with VPN pptp..

I have been browsing for a week and found no patches or solutions


you can't do something. It's a samsung bug.


For my, PPTP trough hotspot of S9 seems to be ok.

i'm waiting other feedback (after last firmware)


Hi there


I've done the firmware update on my samsung S9 and now the VPN is working fine.

So seems that the problem is solved with the update.




Did the firmware update G960FXXU2BRGA but I still cannot connect to my office through VPN with S9, and could still do with my S8. Am I missing something?


After several days of troubleshoooting our VPN server, server firewalls, corporate firewalls, end user firewalls, laptop firewalls and corporate ISP, I finally isolated the issue to S9 hotspot and amazingly found this thread very quickly.  Unfortunately, there is no update yet for my AT&T S9 right now.  Hopefully this update gets released soon.  We also offer SSTP VPN, which works through the S9, but PPTP is considerably faster. 

Can I find this patch and install it manually, or do I have to wait (forever) for my carrier (ATT) to release it?

For the update that actually fixed the issue, I had to wait until I got it from AT&T.  But, I found that my device wasn't updating at all (I was stuck on the February security patch-G960USQU1ARB7) and everytime I went to update I got a message that no updates were available.  


What I had to do was manually update to G960USQU1ARBI.  After I did that, the new AT&T updates downloaded on their own and I'm now fully updated.  


Here is a link to a post on XDA where I posted the exact steps I did (in the last post).

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