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Video pro mode missing samsung s9 plus

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I  have called en send this message Today.


Many are complaining about the provideo mode and i have a bad feeling that Sumsung will NOT activate the pro video mode.


The big dammage is that the trust is gone. How can you buy a new future Samsung s10 with the risk that they will disable a function that you love to use en even depend on for youre Work!


My letter: 


Dear employee of Samsung, I hope you can help me!

Since the update to Androide version 9, I no longer have video pro mode on my s9plus 64gb dualsim.


I bought the phone for this possibility. Through the telephone customer service of samsung Nederland I was told a STORY that the function is removed at the request of customers and that there is currently no schedule to activate the pro video function. That is unacceptable to me.


Since the samsung s7 and s8 I use that function. Have not switched to Iphone or any other brand. If this function is not activated again , I will cancel purchase and find and find fellow sufferers in it. 


Purchase has been drastically adjusted and a the video pro mode is a crucial function and the reason that I bought the phone And there fore no longer usable for my work. I would like to receive a solution from you. 


Its not only about the money that you can lose with al the customer who will return there phones. The big dammage is the trust that you violated. How can i trust Samsung? 

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Agreed this is a feature that sold the phone to me and is now removed. Why remove pro video mode and limit it to picture only when the ability was there? My phone is inferior since the update and am not a happy customer... 


@JoeyG wrote:

Why remove pro video mode and limit it to picture only when the ability was there? My phone is inferior since the update and am not a happy customer...             


Because they are about to release s10 and other new phones. So they strip the s9 of its best features to incentivize users to buy the new models. They do this under the guise of "improved selfies" but it is painfully obvious what the ulterior motive is here.


I avoided apple for years because they are guilty of similar practices, but this is honestly worse. Apple doesn't strip important features from their loyal customers. 


I was avoiding updates for a long time, and this latest one kind of snuck its way in, and now the feature that inspired me to upgrade early is removed. 


All we can do is switch to apple, and at least keep posting to forums about this problem. Best case scenario a notavle blogger or youtuber catches wind of this and talks about ot to their followers. Only power we have at this point.



I hope not because I just got my S9 1 month ago on a 24 month contract! I am seriously p****d off and will do everything I can to get my phone returned and refunded!

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Removing Pro Video mode is totally unacceptable and has completely ruined the video quality of the S9+ without proper white balance, focus and exposure control.

If Samsung does not fix this soon, then my next phone will be a Huawei!!!!!

Huawei was gonna be my next choice if sansung don't fix this!
What I don't understand is Samsung saying they removed Video Pro mode at the request of customers... that makes no sense. Why? It doesn't do any harm just sitting there. It doesn't get in the way of anything else. I think that's just a lie told by Samsung. I'll bet my pension on that!!!

Is there any update on the situation?

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