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Video PRO MODE gone/ 4k 60fps computer BUG

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At this point I think everybody already knows that the record video Pro Mode is gone after the update, but something even WORST is going on with a lot of people that I already talked too:


Videos recorded 4k 60fps are not working well when exported to a computer. Just a black video with the audio. Does not play on any windows or mac. I`ve tried everything, all the playres, codecs, softwares, computers and nothing. (Btw is not a HVEC problem, I dont use it). 


This is a completely mess. 

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Is a shame.

I recorded the same video with my brand new S9, last year; and now I cannot see it due to some new actualization🤬😡

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I have the exact same issue. Has anyone found a fix for this? I am very disappointed becuase i can not edit any of the video that i took during my vacation. I can view it all on my computer with VLC only but not through any other program. Can we please get a response samsung? I never experienced any of these issues on my Iphone.

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