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Valid messages are going to Spam folder in Samsung email app


For the last 2 months about 80% of messages from a family member started going into the spam folder in Samsung's email app.  (I am talking about Samsung email app, not Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, which is all I can find from a google search.)  I tried making the sender a VIP, and I hit "Remove from spam," but new messages keep going in there.  I'm guessing this started after an Andoid update.  I didn't notice it for a couple weeks until the family member asked why I wasn't responding to emails.  I said "What emails?"


Any suggestions?

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Superuser I

So do all other emails from other sources go into your inbox as they should  ?


Are the emails you send to your family member recieved ok ?


Is this only happening with emails from your family member ?


If so then there must be something with their email address or email body content that's alerting the spam filters in the Samsung email app.


What happens if you use another email app instead of the Samsung option @Qranger  ?


You could send this as a bug report to the Samsung Developement Team via your Samsung Members App however as it's possibly only happening with your family members emails this much more like an issue from the emails being recieved and not so much an app fault.


Personally I've not had this issue using the Samsung email app.



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Having the same issue, atleast half the emails i get end up in jusnk when only maybe 10% of them are i really hope they fix this soon or atleast give you a way to mark email addresses as "not spam"!!!

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Same thing for me, S9, about the same time. Fortunately it was just one e-mail sender, but it was an important one. Marking it as "not spam" in the Samsung phone stopped that one from doing it, but you have to do it on the phone.

I understand using the Outlook app instead of the Samsung e-mail app fixes this problem.

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I noted this today.

ALL MY OWN SENT ITEMS were in the samsung spam folder (not hotmail junk).

Have they even been sent? Yes, otherwise i would have noticed before.

Have it been line this before? No. My sent items folder was totally empty so it seems like Samsung/hotmail simply moved ALL sent items to spam at some stage.


1. I marked myself (sender) as VIP, no effect. Still in spam.

2. Marked all messages tried to move to sent - not possible to move to sent. Only to inbox. Dont want sent items there obviously.


3. Final attempt, marked all mesaages and clicked remove from spam (thought it would put them in the right folders)....BOOM ALL MESSAGES I SENT LAST YEARS GONE! It deleted all without even puting them in recycle bin. WTF!!!!


At the moment i HATE samsung for making such a buggy email app.

Have no clue how to get the mails back as they are hotmail messages and cant even find them in the http hotmail client now.


Someone really s**t in the blue cupboard. Samsung? Hotmail? Both?

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