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Unlocked S9 Apps wont work on Wifi

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Does anyone have this connectivity problem?
I recently changed internet providers. I went from crappy slow ATT to a much better Charter Spectrum. a difference of 3mbps to 109mbps 😲. But now when I use my Charter spectrum wifi with my phone I am unable to play Pokemon Go and a few other games, pokemon masters included. it's okay when I am using mobile data that I can play these games. I don't know where to look to figure out the problem but Charter Spectrum says there are no settings on the router that should be blocking the apps. Some of these apps eat up my mobile data so it would be nice to not have this problem. I also have this problem with Facebook messenger.

I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 
Model number SM-G960U1

Hi, i would advise you to go into settings, advance functions, restore, restore wirelless settings.

You will have to re register every wireless device

You should altro try to clear cache, or app data if you can back it up

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