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Unable to update to andorid 10 s9+


Hi everyone I'm using a Samsung s9+ and I cannot upgrade to android 10 I'll very like the help. Thanks Screenshot_20200713-160549_Settings.jpg


Try connect your device to smart switch to force the update but it seems like your device is a American device and is not being able to connect to the right servers (American) that hold the update for this model varient.

I've already tried the smart switch and and it just tells me my device is up to date and that's it 



If your phone and smart switch say your device is up to date it would be best to wait, but there is one more option to flash the software files using odin (Samsung official firmware tool).

Flashing firmware is difficult and there are a lot of different versions of each firmware file ( is a great place to start if you interested in this NOT recommended method.

I had to block the updates because i want to ensure there are no issues before i decided to update to 10, so if it does become available via your device the update will be installed even if you dont want it.



I've been using the phone for about 3 months now and didn't receive any of the monthly update so it's safe to say waiting for update is out of the question. I read somewhere that changing the country code to the country I'm in right now can solve the true is that and any help with that cause I don't wish to flash the phone right now 

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csc change will sort it...get Odin on the go..

How do I go about it? 

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