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unable to format an 32Gb Evo micro sd card.

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Hi all,


I've got this orange-colored, micro sd card. I'm posting the backside photo of it. I just upgraded this old card from the Phone to a new 128Gb card with the idea of using the old 32Gb card in a Rasberry PI Linux based pc. The problem is that its not possible to format the old 32Gb Evo micro sd card. I've tried all the solutions on the net and nothing seems to work. It always comes up with some error related to Write Protection. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?


Thank you,


2020-01-15 12.26.37.jpg


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Hi @nashero , can you take a picture from the opposite side please ?


Did you try to format this Micro SD card IN the original device like it is explain in the following post ?



Here you go. This is the orange side of the card.


No I cannot put it in the old phone anymore, the old phone now has a 128Gb Evo and it is critical for my work. I cannot do this swap on it. I have the mSD and want to put it in a linux system. But I need to have the possibility to reformat it.



2020-01-15 12.27.19.jpg


Same issue with a 64GB EVO MicroSD card. This was purchased seperately of another device with the intent of using it with a raspberry pi4 as well. I've attempted to reformat it both on a Windows PC and Linux PC with both instances only allowing it to have 1MB of space.IMG_3980.jpgIMG_3983.jpg


Please try this :

Got an SD card and are anxious to know if it’s not fake? Use a storage testing software like H2testw, available on PCs. If the actual storage space is smaller than claimed, the software will tell you.



Thanks for that! Sadly, H2testw is telling me there is 0MB of space...
Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 0.00 KByte/s
Reading speed: 0.00 KByte/s
H2testw v1.4

Guess this one is a bust even though it appears to be legit. Came in normal Samsung packaging and everything.

Hi @beeflomein , @nashero 


You should read this article too :


It will explain about everything on SD Card, hope it helps.


@beeflomein , imitation are exact copy of the real one, except they are fake...


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that is fake for sure, bad colours no white borders...

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