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Unable to connect screen mirroring/smart view s9+

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I have just upgraded to the s9+ and the device no longer detects my Samsung Tv's but does the Chromecast devices I have in the Smart View application.


I used to be able to play movies without screen sharing giving me the ability to still be able to use my device whilst the content was playing.


Unfortunately the settings within smart share are limited and I have gone through the settings on my Tv's to ensure they are permitted but the phone just will not pick them up.

I have been casting to my screens since the all share days which worked perfectly fine.

Any ideas what could be stopping my device from working in this way again?


I have the same problem and my smart view app acts like it cant find my tv 


Mirroring from Samsung TV to Samsung S9 phone used to work for me via Smart Things until recently.  I saw this post and tried but it never connected and after a few secs went back to the device list.  Then I went to ST settings and enabled the SmartThings panel.  Then from my S9 notifications panel, I was once again able to select 'mirror tv to phone' and that worked.  Not sure if I accidentally disabled that notifications panel or if it occurred as part of a recent ST app update, which is what I think happened based on the release notes.


my s9+ can't cast or screen mirroring anymore to my Sony TV. It used to work but now it doesn't. can someone help?

See my post at same subject which I posted at 15 november 2018 may it help you.

I cant use smart view, tried everything and still no results. I can't connect my samsung galaxy s9+ to anything. Never Samsung again


I found the solution for this problem. There is 2 reasons behind this. First reason from vpn connection at your mobile. Just disconnect vpn and it will work. If not then the problem from TV itself having limited connection with mobiles through mirroring feature. To fix this iusse just reset factory settings for TV. I hope this helps you. Enjoy 😊


Seems like Android Pie has resolved the problem for reconnecting to the Microsoft miracast device. Back to where I was on the S7 plus which is good.. Although it took Samsung a long time to resolve. 

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LED tv war im 2.4 GHz wlan
Handy im 5ghz wlan mit dem selben Namen
Habe das Handy ins 2.4 wlan geschickt danach hat alles geklappt
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Uncheck the "Adaptive Battery" option in the "Device Care" section.

I had the same problem and it works now

I turn off my vpn connection then it worked again! Thanks alot!
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