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Unable to connect screen mirroring/smart view s9+

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I have just upgraded to the s9+ and the device no longer detects my Samsung Tv's but does the Chromecast devices I have in the Smart View application.


I used to be able to play movies without screen sharing giving me the ability to still be able to use my device whilst the content was playing.


Unfortunately the settings within smart share are limited and I have gone through the settings on my Tv's to ensure they are permitted but the phone just will not pick them up.

I have been casting to my screens since the all share days which worked perfectly fine.

Any ideas what could be stopping my device from working in this way again?


Hi @VEENESS. :robothappy:


What's the model code of your TV? 


Also, are the phone and TV on the same Wi-Fi network; and is the software and relevant apps on both devices fully updated?


I have exactly the same problem! Upgraded from an S7 where this worked no problem. Now smart view won't find either of my TV's using the S9 but it will the Google home speaker. None of my settings have changed, same WiFi network etc..

Again I can find them to screen mirror but that's useless because then I can't use my phone for anything else. This is something on the S9 that is broken..... What is the fix please because this is very VERY annoying!! 

So it looks like there was an update to the Smart View application yesterday and it now picks up my TVs. It is still buggy though as the screen casting keeps dropping out but that may be an overall app issue as my partner has the note 8 and it seems to be doing the same thing.

The only thing that still does not work on the S9+ is controlling the volume of the TV and being able to fast forward content on the phone within the Smart View app in which it used to on my older device. Hopefully another update doin will fix this issue.

I have the same problem with my S9+ as well. Have you had any success yet in resolving the problem.

Hi @Ian. Can you tell us the model number of your TV? 

Same problem here, but to my microsoft wireless display adapter. The S9+ occasionally connects and then keeps the connection once its established, but a lot of the time the connection won't work.


S7 edge had no problems at all, ever. Exactly the same setup so its not the adapter.

Carl H,
              My TV Model No is  UE46F6670SB Samsung Smart TV

This is 'fixed'. You only get the option to screen mirror now and that is what it will do... Until you play any form of video and then it will switch to the old screen cast and you can continue to use your phone whilst the video plays on the TV 

I have the msft adapter also and it finds it on my s9 plus phone but it only connects for under 30 seconds and then disconnects.. It use to work perfectly with my s9 plus... Any thoughts  



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