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UK One UI/Android Pie Beta Announcement


Hi UK peeps!


One UI/Pie/Android 9.0 Beta test for the UK is now officially… open!


(LOL. I feel like the Queen now :winking-face:)


Useful UK Community links on One UI Beta:




Other useful links on One UI Beta:


  • "How do I join the One UI Beta Programme?"  "How to send feedback error reports about the Beta..." and "How to quit the Beta Progamme & restore official software" and other FAQ's can be found here.
  • More info on One UI on the Samsung One UI official site here.



No disrespect meant to anyone with the following, but just so that everyone’s clear:


  • In the UK, the beta is only available on S9|S9+ devices that were originally bought as network unlocked (otherwise known as BTU/XEU variants).
  • The beta software isn’t the full or final version, so some malfunctions are to be expected and some features may not be present. (See the "How can I send feedback?" bit of the FAQ link above for how to report stuff back to Samsung.)
  • The purpose of beta software is to get our customers involved, knowing the value of real-life testing and feedback that helps us deliver our best at its general release.
  • Always a very, very smart idea to back your data up, along with updating all apps, before participating in a beta. Smart Switch is the officially advised way of backing your data up, but however you do it, just do it.
  • Be respectful of each other and each other’s experiences. For any differences of experience, expectations and desires, try to take a more considered scientific enquiry approach as to why they may be in that case. And definitely do share your views, experiences and suggestions with us at Samsung and with each other!


Let the proceedings commence! :robot-face: :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.


just got the invite now...  in notices...



UK, Unlocked S9


I really can't wait to see what's new 



Screenshot_20181128-144825_Software update.jpg


Downloading now 😎


*****. No feedback vibration on gesture and no 4k video

It seems that I'm not eligible (Because I'm from the Netherlands :winking-face: ). But it looks great! :smiling-face:

*Waits patiently for the release*

I'm running the beta on my s9 is the beta 2 running yet


Small update  for UK... 

Screenshot_20181129-110247_Software update.jpg



Yeah me to man expected it to be bigger

Hi @ ll,


I want to express my good luck to all of you are testing the new Android Pie / One UI, your great work to test the new software will improve the experience for every user :smiling-face:


See you soon!

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