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Two way call recorder...s9+

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I've tried a dozen supposedly two way phone call recorder apps...but not one will record both voices...only mine. Is there one that works out there for sure ?


Hi @Visage. :robothappy:


Might be worth checking out this thread for S9|S9+ call recording app issues that other folks have reported.

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Nope see call recording thread. Samsung have disabled it in Exinos S9/+


Hi All

Yes did anyone come up with an answer to this?


I had two way recording working perfectly intil something 'happened'.  Research found samsung denying they have changed anything and blaming google.  This did seem to be a common theme.  However google seem to deny it.  But it does seem to coinside with their 19 upgrade.


What right have google got to decide if i can record calls or not??  It is allowed in this country.  Obviously there are conditions but who the xxxx do they think they are to decide we are going to use it for the wrong thing?


OK rant over, how do we fix it?  The above link does not seem to work?  I made some changes and put the phone into developer mode as someone suggested but not sure what to do next?


Any help appreciated 


I solved this problem by swapping my S8 for an Whoarewe P30 Pro.  It allows call recording just fine.

The activity is perfectly legal in the UK (and so it should be) so there is no justification in Google and Samsung conspiring to block this activity.

I can understand why Google do it - so they can later force people to use their offerings and can then harvest their conversations (unofficially of course). 

I can't for the life of me understand why Samsung have gone on board with the idea since they DO allow call recording in their home country  and elsewhere!!!  We will probably never know why since they ignore any questions on the subject in the forums.

My wife now has my S8 and isn't bothered by the fact that the call recording has now been revoked.



Contrary to popular belief, call recording IS allowed in the UK.  However, it is strictly for your own use (e.g. to check on details in a long phone call when writing notes afterwards) and should be deleted as soon as possible.


I use Cube ACR which is available in the Play Store.  It is quite configurable but the free version can be a bit annoying and limited in the facilities available - though it is perfectly usable.


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