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This new update literally sucks

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I am so angry, I got my S9 literally only a couple of weeks ago, upgraded from an S6, and this update literally makes me want to go back to my S6... everything new about this update is so wrong. I hate the new way the recents are set out, swiping up is so annoying why has that changed, literally nothing was wrong with it before. I hate that the time at the top is on the left now. The notifications on the lock screen are really annoying now, you have to tap the thing to actually see them. I've also noticed that all the passwords that were saved with my fingerprint aren't working anymore, also there is no option for using fingerprint to get onto secret mode on Samsung internet anymore. This new update is the worst Samsung have ever done. I wish they would just revert back to the last update because this one is so cheap looking. Another thing is I quite liked getting rid of the buttons at the bottom and having to swipe up to see them, I don't understand why that's not a possibility anymore. Not to mention you can't turn off the Bixby button anymore, only to one press or two. This update has legitimately ruined my day...

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Agree I downloaded this page so I can see what others are saying. They need to change it back immediately. You'd think they are monitoring this page right ?
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I agree. I think we should do something. Can we sue the company? Samsung, you have to stop with your terrible updates!!! Every time we get new updates, its even worse!! You have to work on your mkt for the new Galaxy unstead of making our S9 a puece of rubbish...

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I agree with 100% of everything said here. I could not have explained it better. I only can add that I used to never have buffer time for any of the videos I watched on my travel movie phone(that's what I loved this phone for) now it buffers always and destroyed how impressed I once was. I used to brag and let ppl watch my phone with me. Now it's just embarrassing. They will lose me as a customer of 15 years. I have purchased a new phone every year for that long until this phone costs me 1000 dollars. I told myself I would wait a few years with this before I upgrade because this was way above my price range for a phone. I can get a 60 inch tv for 500 that's pretty ***** good. Tomorrow I am going to buy an s5 and an after market battery. Then I am going to root that sucker. And ask tmobile to get my old sim card booted back up into 2007 mode. They did the same thing to me after I bought my s8active. It has a 4000m amp battery that started dying quick as ***** too. I did not buy a s6 or 7 because of the non removable back with battery access. I tried very hard to get on board with the iphone feel of my Samsung devices and I just can't. It has removed my ability to feel the benefits I am accustomed to with android. I looked up how to root my s9+ because I thought perhaps I can just remove the last update myself by a quick youtube instructional video. But noooo, samsung has added extra (***** on you) security measures to make rooting your s8 or s9 near to impossible without bricking your phone. This was the last straw. My next new device will be an old device. This whole world needs to stop forcing the upgrade device concept. Stop forcing waste. Build a phone that be upgraded. And start putting clear screen protectors on your new devices that dont force your customers to buy a new one. (They will respect you for that Samsung) and if you really impressed the customers by listening to their complaints and resolving the issues they present; the customers will sell the phones for you. HTC was on the proper path to perfect about 7 years ago but nope, they hung a right when they made the desire. This last update is something samsung could fix if they wanted to. But it's not what they will do because they need you to go buy the new phone a screen cutout. I wont do it. I am done conforming. Technology has advanced enough now that their are other ways to perform all the tasks of droid without compromising our desires of form and function. I cant trade my 1000 dollar phone in anywhere. I'm still paying for it. This was really *****ty. Havent even had it a year.
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I agree...the new layout is horrible. The layout is not intuitive, lacks simplicity and is just over-all In addition the interface is unstable. 

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I agree. This was a poorly thought out upgrade. Not intuitive,  much more difficult to use and is unstable.  All I can say is that the old user face was much better and the Samsung software engineers must have been board or trying to justify their paycheck.  After this latest "abortion" I would consider getting new  engineers.

I am writing here for the first time, i can't believe this is possible! What a disappointment... Wish i could turn back time and never do this update!! it ruined my user experience and i am so sad. Samsung, please do something.

Do do you want to have more fun? Try and navigate on your phone a respond to this...

It's horrible. The browser is like dot matrix!

Am constantly having fun looking for a way to "downgrade" to Oreo! Gonna miss Recycle bin, hahaha...

I now hate my phone. The only thing good about it is that no matter how hard I throw it on the ground in anger the dang thing won't break. Samsung, leave my phone alone! The updates are not better! I don't want them and when I am trying to use my phone I sure as heck don't want your on screen messages to tell me about the new features - that I did not ask for. I I used to love my Samsung phone and now I hate it. Serioulsy.

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