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This new update literally sucks

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I am so angry, I got my S9 literally only a couple of weeks ago, upgraded from an S6, and this update literally makes me want to go back to my S6... everything new about this update is so wrong. I hate the new way the recents are set out, swiping up is so annoying why has that changed, literally nothing was wrong with it before. I hate that the time at the top is on the left now. The notifications on the lock screen are really annoying now, you have to tap the thing to actually see them. I've also noticed that all the passwords that were saved with my fingerprint aren't working anymore, also there is no option for using fingerprint to get onto secret mode on Samsung internet anymore. This new update is the worst Samsung have ever done. I wish they would just revert back to the last update because this one is so cheap looking. Another thing is I quite liked getting rid of the buttons at the bottom and having to swipe up to see them, I don't understand why that's not a possibility anymore. Not to mention you can't turn off the Bixby button anymore, only to one press or two. This update has legitimately ruined my day...

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You're not alone in thinking this way of the new Samsung One Ui @Harley99 


Personally i like 99% of the new Ui and Pie.


I totally agree about the clock position as I still keep looking to the right of my phones status bar. I'm sure I'll adapt.


I'd also like the dot to be put back to allow the instant function of hiding the navigation bar and I do understand Samsungs option of adding gestures but that new function is not for everyone.


I also missed the stacked view in multi tasking which has been replaced with a full cards only view.


I also use two different network sim cards in my Note and previously on Oreo the sim I'd chosen had an identifying box around the signal bars in my status bar to instantly show which one I was using.

i.e. I have two signal bars showing in my status bar.

This has been changed and now both signal bars show but does not have a box around the one I've chosen.


I've sent my feedback via the Samsung Members App which I implore you to do so too so your valued opinions get to the right department for consideration. 



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Hi I've had the same thing happen,£1000 of hard earned money on a phone I was really impressed with, now I've lost all bluetooth settings that won't come back,Wifi all messed up, it looks terrible, my phone calls people with out me touching it,everything has been put in reverse or opposite sides of the phone, everything I want to do I have to swipe twice or 3 times more than I use to, completely ruined my phone and we know they will not repair or replace it, all we may get is some *****ty"all updates are to optimise your Samsung experience" answer.i m now selling my phone and going to a company that just leaves you with what you paid for that you wanted......thanks Samsung, you are *****.

I have the exact same experience. Hard earned money on great hardware only for Samsung to come along and ruin it. I have never used bixby and I'm likely never going to. I know Samsung may have invested millions on bixby development but it doesn't hold a candle to Google assistant. And Samsung figured the only way forward for bixby is to force it down the customer's throat. Well you know what Samsung, I use a lite UAG S9 case and I cut out the bixby button on it so I won't accidentally press it anymore and summon the useless assistant. So thank you for making me take a blade and pliers to a perfectly good case. You *******.... 

Unfortunately they put a bixby icon on the screen in some places and you still can't get away from accidentally hitting it.
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I totally agree. My note just updated last night, and the more I mess with it today, the more I dislike it. My text messaging is now garbage. When I long press on a message to delete it, the option box pops up and I suppose the text is white along thither the box...I cant see any options!! The people I've texted are listed by the first letter and the number I dont have saved are indistinguishable from each other...this sucks

I went into the system apps and turned off every option I could under the Bixby name, revoked all permissions and disabled what I could. I haven’t looked into rooting the phone and removing anything even remotely connected to Bixby, but that is a distinct possibility in the near future. 

I keep calling people too.   No idea why.  I have seriously accidentally started calling my wife 10 times in the last 2 days.  WtF samsung.

I have seriously started calling my  wife  10 times in the past 2 days.  So annoying, she annoyed by the new update too and she has an iPhone.  That's not good Samsung.

Well Samsung can't even get a forum working. I get errors to post and the  multiple post show up.



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