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This new update literally sucks

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I am so angry, I got my S9 literally only a couple of weeks ago, upgraded from an S6, and this update literally makes me want to go back to my S6... everything new about this update is so wrong. I hate the new way the recents are set out, swiping up is so annoying why has that changed, literally nothing was wrong with it before. I hate that the time at the top is on the left now. The notifications on the lock screen are really annoying now, you have to tap the thing to actually see them. I've also noticed that all the passwords that were saved with my fingerprint aren't working anymore, also there is no option for using fingerprint to get onto secret mode on Samsung internet anymore. This new update is the worst Samsung have ever done. I wish they would just revert back to the last update because this one is so cheap looking. Another thing is I quite liked getting rid of the buttons at the bottom and having to swipe up to see them, I don't understand why that's not a possibility anymore. Not to mention you can't turn off the Bixby button anymore, only to one press or two. This update has legitimately ruined my day...

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Samsung health app, which i use quite often, is not as accurate as it was! I loved it, it worked perfectly, but now it randomly auto pauses while i run. I turned auto pause off, but now i have to pause it manually when i stop for a while, and i find it pretty annoying. Btw, i haven't updated it since i unfortunately switched from Oreo to Pie because i think new update sucks like a whole Pie/OneUI s***! Update might solve this (it's a big question) but then UI would be an issue. *****, i have to search for a better app 😞

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The update MORE than sucks!  My battery went from lasting all day and then some to draining in 2 hours!


Samsung isn't doing anything about it, hell no, they got paid so they're moving on to the Note 10, Note 11, Note 1,000.


I hate to say it but I'm going to pull the trigger, I have 4 lines and my daughter just got the new iPhone, it's like night and day.  I've always been loyal to Samsung but they really don't give a rat's ass.........................................GOODBYE SAMJUNK................HELLO APPLE!  Trust me, do it, you won't be disappointed!

I'd like to reply about how much this update suck and my phone is useless, I'm moving on to Apple.  I say I'd like to reply because this forum won't let me post a reply I get a message that says "post flooding", which just means........."we don't want you to tell others how bad our product and update SUCKS!"

Thank you Samsung, you destroyed my phone! And no, i'm not gonna buy S10! I've been loyal since 2012 and now it's time to move on...

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This update is pitiful. My swype wont work, I cant see anything because I cant do the stinking bright white background, everything is off from where it should be and I am tired of trying to fix it, find it. I never had an iphone but this is seriously making me think of taking the plunge on one. This is poor service. This update is just trash. 

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I am, for the 1st time ever, considering an Apple after this update. Complete bull*****!

They've even done it with the new watch, £250 quid for a smart watch 3 weeks later a new update has made hps stop working, I be paid for the watch on contract and guess what! THEY HAVE TOLD ME I NEED TO TAKE IT TO A SAMSUNG SHOP, NEAREST IS 30 MILES FROM ME, it's going to cost me fuel money, parking money and 3 hours of my time,and after all that they cant fix it, it's not covered by the warranty and they even told me to wait for the next update that should sort it out. ***** you samsung seriously go suck my nans sausage!! Your customer support is even worse than apple and that's dragging the bottom catching fish sperm.never again will I bother, kiss my shiny metal ass,il go back to sending pigeons with messages!

Is it me or is the calendar more like the IOS platform? It's like they are trying to be like Apple.....the rolling numbers suck. I know you can tape it and enter manually.  They also added an extra step when setting up a new event.  It was so simple the way it was...Fix it

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Samsung has finally did it they have pushed me over the edge I no longer enjoy my Samsung Note 9 phone I did not purchase this phone so Samsung couldn't watch my every move. Samsung will not allow me to turn off location service camera service microphone service and some other services in there Samsung app they have now moved on to spying on us this is horrible. I have recently contacted Samsung and they would not allow me to turn off these apps in the Samsung apps location microphone and they even want to look at my photos. When I confronted them they said it is in there private policy that has been updated to meet Samsung's demands. This has happened in there new update they have forced upon all of us Samsung phone users. I will not give you the option to shut any of these services off. My reply to that is finally to go with Apple phones. So there you have it Samsung 5 brand new Apple phones.

U shoulda downgraded to Oreo. It's still the best

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