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I sincerly hate you.  Please fire everyone responsible for the new UI they deserve it.  What was wrong with the previous one.  Did anyone look at this before it was rolled out.  How do I go back to the old one?  I saw this update a few days ago and ignored it.  I just updated it and I've made a massive mistake. 

1. The settings page is no longer affected by my theme.


2. The pull down menu looks like trash now.  The icon unless activated are enitirely undinguisable from each other.  YOU LITERALLY PUT WHITE ON WHITE FOR THE ***** ICONS.  I CANT SEE ANYTHING YOU MORONS. 


3. You've rounded even more conrners. So that looks like trash.


4. The left button that would show all open apps now dispays them horizontally so I can only really see one at a time.


There's a lot more that's garbage with this new UI but that's all I feel like writting about now.  I need this UI fixed please help.




That would be so blatently obvious it would expose them for racketeering. 

I sympathize with you, my note9 did it overnight. I awoke to find my sleek, bold, 3 week old business tool had turned into a high powered, $1000, cute little Fisher Price toy, with many of the attributes that I had paid for wiped cleanly away never to return. I've hit brick walls from the Samsung technical castration & design department. I am disheartened right now that they can get away with such a broad, far reaching bit of fraud perpetrated against so many, and they are free to continue profiting from and by it.

I'm beginning to think that we need to put our representatives, senators  and members of parliament of this grave travesty. 


I'm just here to add my sentiments that my Galaxy S8+ is now appealing to a much younger audience than myself. You took away features that were selling points and were the very reason I have been a Galaxy customer since the S5. Why?


I can't change my messages background anymore and am stuck with a bland looking white background. If I wanted to live in an Orwellian state I would have purchased an iPhone.


The icons look like a toddler designed them. What are you doing? Have you decided all of a sudden to become the blackberry of the touchscreen era? Why are you reverting to antiquated design and programming "features".


You basically turned this handheld super computer into an Oregon Trail interface from 1986. F#$k you Samsung.

They screwed it up deliberately so we will all go and buy the S10.

The look is Google, they released Android pie then the various manufacturers had to implement it but it's ultimately their fault for the look. 



I've been getting screen shots from a friend with the P20 pro, same thing, also has the extra swiping for the camera. 


And if you look up the Google pixel it kinda looks the same too in most ways. The multi window view etc. 


Basically your choice is Apple or Android still unless you read up on it and fancy reinstalling oreo. 





Thank you for the Google clarification.  I would be happy to revert the Note 9 back to Oreo were it not my fear that it might 'Brick' the phone. I was warned by a high-level T-mobile representative to be wary of doing so, since I am a novice.  She told me that I may be able to get some help with some things by taking it to a Samsung service station. I really do not think that I should have to do any of it, afterall I did purchase a certain product. I feel that the samsung company needs to just feed their programmers more porridge & banannas to get with patching the problems.  Cheers

Does the S10 have the same OS? It would certainly be an ill timed decsion on S-ugh part. I had just 3 weeks prior paid cash for my Note 9. Alas, we are considered sheep with deep pockets to be fleeced.

All Android phones, some have extra features like pro mode for video etc but pie is pie. 


Have a little Google on the S10 


There's actually an S10 section on here too

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I agree whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be fired.


This was as well thought out as the exploding batteries. I keep looking at my phone and wish it would cause it looks like trash now.


If this garbage isnt fixed by the time I get upgrades, it will definitely be goodbye forever Samsung, enjoy the kids with crayons business standard... apparently you cant do hardware OR software right.


Absolutely agree. I've convinced lots of people (mostly die hard apple fans) to switch to Samsung because my phone was so much better.  No more!  Where is my split screen? Why do my open apps appear horizontally? Why did I go from a once a day charge to an all day charge?  Why does my phone decide when it wants to tell me I have missed calls, texts or vm?  Why can't I pin my actual note to the home screen so I can see it as soon as I pick up the phone?  If I could remember to hit the button to view it I wouldnt need to pin it! Let's not even start with the appearance.  And who picked the color scheme?  Half the time I don't know if my alarms are set or not bc the purple color confuses me.  Give me back my real phone. Didn't you learn anything from "new coke"?

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*****s sakes agree to this, agree to that, sign off your 1st born child here.
What a *****ingg pain. Nobody reads those and they prob ***** ppl off on purpose so that they just agree to all thier ***** just to post a *****ing comment

And yes this update is trash, plz undo this ***** so hard that the employees that made this are unborn

I'm getting notifications from messager as if I have a new msg for just having the ***** bubble floating around!
One I have the time to collect all the useless and annoying ***** from this update I'm going to make my own post, I'd advise everyone to do the same, even if it's just one line of hate towards it
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