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I sincerly hate you.  Please fire everyone responsible for the new UI they deserve it.  What was wrong with the previous one.  Did anyone look at this before it was rolled out.  How do I go back to the old one?  I saw this update a few days ago and ignored it.  I just updated it and I've made a massive mistake. 

1. The settings page is no longer affected by my theme.


2. The pull down menu looks like trash now.  The icon unless activated are enitirely undinguisable from each other.  YOU LITERALLY PUT WHITE ON WHITE FOR THE ***** ICONS.  I CANT SEE ANYTHING YOU MORONS. 


3. You've rounded even more conrners. So that looks like trash.


4. The left button that would show all open apps now dispays them horizontally so I can only really see one at a time.


There's a lot more that's garbage with this new UI but that's all I feel like writting about now.  I need this UI fixed please help.



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They need to undo or make this optional. This entire update looks like complete trash and I'm about to take this in. It doesn't even let you change half the settings you used to. I don't want this and the Samsung app doesn't even open now. 

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You can't add photos onto other photo (it was the reason I bought S9+) its not good at all
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My phone went from business looking to toddler style. I really hate myself for installing the update. Samsung please give us the option to revert back the old UI.
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I'm P****d. It's garbage, your garbage, fix my phone.

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Totally agree. The new Icons belong on a kids phone. What *****s at Samsung thought this was ok for business tool like a Note
I want my old presentation back. How do I do that?

@Ognyan I want my old phone back too.......this new update is god awful. The childish corners are so *****ing cringey. Why couldn't the update have been optional? Samsung forced me to update thereby changing the entire layout and design of MY phone that I paid for. Its *****ing pathetic. I literally might trade my note 9 in if they don't fix this problem quickly.

@StevieP Sadly there is no way to switch back without extensive programming knowledge. Our only hope is samsung fixes their ***** up and lets us switch back.....



Seems to me the s10 is around the corner and they pulled an "Apple Stunt" on us. Since this update I've been attached to my charger all day every day.  Went from a fantastic phone to a turd overnight! Literally!

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