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I agree with evrything you said and now we can not see text in all you mentioed

@no-updates wrote:

I sincerly hate you.  Please fire everyone responsible for the new UI they deserve it.  What was wrong with the previous one.  Did anyone look at this before it was rolled out.  How do I go back to the old one?  I saw this update a few days ago and ignored it.  I just updated it and I've made a massive mistake. 

1. The settings page is no longer affected by my theme.


2. The pull down menu looks like trash now.  The icon unless activated are enitirely undinguisable from each other.  YOU LITERALLY PUT WHITE ON WHITE FOR THE ***** ICONS.  I CANT SEE ANYTHING YOU MORONS. 


3. You've rounded even more conrners. So that looks like trash.


4. The left button that would show all open apps now dispays them horizontally so I can only really see one at a time.




unless you put on Grandpas reading glasses!!

Gee! I just earned an Admirer Badge for liking your post! SERIOUSLY!! Take me back! I ignored the upgrade and it did it anyway! ITS TERRIBLE! It wasnt broke so why did you fix it???

I put this in another forum and I'm too tired to retype everything, so it's cut and paste time for me.  I'm running One UI since about February and I love every minute of it.  


It's been a while since someone was complaining about the update again.  So what is your main complaint and we'll see what can be fixed on it.  So lets hit the high points.  

  1. The biggest complaints have been about the visibility.  Can't see the contacts due to white/gray font on a white/gray background.  This is due to a theme that wasn't designed for One UI.  If  you have a theme that you were using prior to the update, it more than likely will not work on One UI.  Turn the theme off.  Contact the theme designer and see if they have one that is designed for this OS.  
  2. Pocket Dialing.  This is something that is easily fixed with Settings.  (Which will solve a lot of other problems.)  Pocket dialing is when you text someone, put the phone in your pocket and the phone dials them.  With the update, this feature gets turned back on.  Simply turn it off.  Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures > Direct Call.  Turn this off.  
  3. Phone keeps opening up apps in your pocket.  Go to Settings > Display > Accidental Touch protection.  Turn this on.  This will deactivate the screen when it's in your pocket to prevent accidental app activation while in  your pocket
  4. Camera Buzzing while zooming causing blurry images.  This doesn't appear to be connected to the OS, but more of a mechanical error.  It has been discussed in depth elsewhere on this forum.  
  5. Edge Lighting not working properly.  Settings > Display > Edge Screen > Edge lighting on > Set when to turn it on, color, width, style and then select which apps you want to activate your edge lighting.
  6. Icons.  Simple fix.  If you don't like the built in icons, get a icon package and select your own.  
  7. And the MAJOR Crime...  of moving the clock to the left side instead of the right.  1.1 inches over.  (Horrors)  Go to the Galaxy store and download Good Lock 2019 and move it where  you want.  Left, Right, middle or gone totally.  
  8. Don't like the navigation bar at the bottom?  Want it to go away unless you need it?  Turn it off and use Gestures.  Set it up on mine and I love it.  Never have that bar appear again.  Go to Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Select Gestures or use the buttons.  Want to rearrainge them?  Easy.  I use the gestures and then I scrolled down to turn on Gesture Hints.
  9. The inability to set a background in the Message app.  Agreed, this is a bug.  The best we can come up with for now it to use Night  Mode (Settings > Display > Night Mode) or find a theme that covers that.  Again, just make sure it is designed for One UI.

These are some of the common complaints.  So expand a bit please.  Tell us what you hate and we'll see what can be done to fix your complaint.  There are a bunch of us here that would like to help, but we do need some specifics.  And no, it ain't perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  But a lot of it can be fixed/adjusted quite easily.  


#6, icons: I would be happy to follow your suggestion if you can point me to the set that I paid for when I bought the phone with Oreo. Thank you for the help. 


No idea since I use the standard icons and I am perfectly happy with them.  I don't worry about the icon that points to the app, I only worry about the app and how it runs.  

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