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Stop trying to be like Iphones

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The new samsung s20 looks more like the iphone than ever... STOP IT! I got a *****ing samsung NOT an iphone.... its stupid, looks like *****. If i wanted an iphone, which i dont but at this point might as well get because you are basically the same, i would have bought one. STOP ITTTTTT!!!!!

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Hi @Kayk77 


The new samsung s20 looks more like the iphone than ever.. "


I'm curious which iPhone model do you think the Samsung s20 looks like ?


Most phones have come to adopt the similar form factor.


i.e rounded edges slab type look and have different sized screens apart from niche phones like the Z flip / fold phones they will look similar.


What would you like Samsung to do for their next set of phones ? What changes would you like to see ?


Apple haven't innovated for quite a few years which Samsung have.


This includes how the phones look , the internal hardware and software.


This is why I stopped using iPhones since the iPhone 6 Plus. 


The camera configuration on the Samsung s20 is different to iPhones.



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