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Still didnt get android pie update

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I still did not get one ui update. Im using S9 SM-G960f. Is it only me or any others still did not get the update.


@Cortneyh13 wrote:

May I ask what you dislike about it so much? I used to have a Google pixel and loved the pi software. It was easy to use versatile  on and on. You're not the first to say how much you dislike the update. Was just hoping to get some feedback as to why

It's terrible. The One UI is unique to Samsung. There are several threads discussing why people hate it so much. It's changed the feel of the phone, its appearance, its functionality and performance. Pie itself may be great, but on a Samsung right now it sucks.


I haven't gotten the update either as of March 15th 2019 I have SM-G960U. 


i receive my update 2 days ago. And I don't know why people are so unhappy with it. Maybe I just haven't hit the kinks that they have in their new software.

You are very lucky if you didn't get the update. My wife upgraded her's and we both absolutely hate it. Fortunately I haven't updated mine and am looking for a way to turn off the update notification. Trust me stay away from the update!

If you like your bluetooth to work, I'd avoid pie for a while. It causes a LOT of problems (stops working) with in-car systems

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Dont bother, wait until they patch up all the keyboard crashes and horrible notification settings.

it is a horrible learning curve since the update I have been forced to download and install google keyboard because samsung keyboard crashes.

I have had to download and install evie launcher because the "pie" ui launcher is horrible

Notifications pop up over apps and then you get a status bar notification as well as a beep its a flamin nightmare.

Dont be in a hurry




Have you considered using the Samsung Beta Keyboard.


It's working well for me.



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.


Who uses Samsung’s keyboard? Bleh...

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I still didn't get the Pie update as of 24 March,SM-G960F here.


I still didn't get the update as well. Samsung S9 Duos SM-G960F here. The last update was android security patch from December 1st 2018.

I tried updating using Smart Switch but it says that the softwate on my device is up to date.

Is this normal?

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