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Spectrum Mobile - S9+ wifi seeing network twice


My family has 2 ipads, 2 kindles, 2 S7's, 2 Nest Cams, Chamberlain garage door, 1 Roku TV and a Chromecast device - NONE of which have problems with my Orbi mesh network.

I just got an S9+ through Spectrum Mobile (up to date on software), and it cannot, CANNOT, stay on my Orbi mesh network (router and one satellite - both up to date on firmware).  The 2.4 and 5 are named the same (by design) and the phone just bounces back and forth all day long between the 2.4 to 5, and in the meanwhile uses data when struggling with wifi.


My other phones don't even see 2 networks, just one.  The S9+ displays the network twice.


Specturm is no help.  Samsung is no help.  Netgear was no help.


What is a guy to do?  So frustrating.


FWIW, my dad came over with his Spectrum Mobile LG phone and he could not stay connected to my wifi.  Although he didn't see my network SSID 2x like I do, his continually connected and disconnected from my network.


This appears to be an issue with Spectrum Mobile and mesh networks.  I'm not going to lay blame on Orbi yet as 19 other devices in my house, connect just fine.  The only ones having issues ar the Spectrum Mobil S9+ and Spectrum Mobile LG.

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