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sometimes unable to save contact


I'm running on a Samsung S9+ on Android Pie and for a while I'm having the following problem.

When I modify a contact sometimes this does not work, I get the message 'Unable to save contact'.

If I redo the same changes a second or third time, the save works.

Almost all my contacts are in my gmail account, only a couple of them locally.

I already read some forums and there they say to export contacts, delete all of them and reimport but this does not make much sense when the contacts are in gmail.

I also know I can hard reset the device but that's someting I want to avoid.

Are there any other options to get rid of this error.


This happened to me ages ago. It was really frustrating.


What worked for me was removing my google accounts from the phone, rebooting the device, then adding the accounts back on to the phone.


It hasn't happened since. 


Settings > Accounts and backup > Accounts



what do you mean by 'removing'?

Is this in the app not showing gmail acounts or do you remove them somewhere.

If you remove them is that in settings - apps - contacts app - storage - clear data

I htought this was only for local data.

Or is it still something else, if so can you tell me what to do eactly?

  • Well i removed my google account from the accounts (after a last synchronization)
  • rebooted the phone
  • added my google account

And when updating a contact I get the message 'unable to save contact' once again, so for me this is not a solution.

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