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Smartview lag


Hi. I got a UA60H6400 TV find no updates. I got a lag between picture and sound. I used a Tab 10.1, S7 and now the S9+ all updated. Same problem even with ezcast cable. Been to a couple of Samsung shops. No one can help. Please help

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Superuser I

I use a LG Tv with a LG Sound bar and experienced the same. 


Now I appreciate I'm not using Samsung in this instance but I'm replying because in my tv settings there is a section where you can play around with the settings between the sound and picture to balance them up.


Perhaps if you dig around you may find something similar.



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The dlay between my handheld S8 and thentv is around 15 seconds. While i know that outta be enough im sure the apologists and fanboys want to inject their caveats. First, heres mine 16 years in IT. 1GB Line with little traffic over my 5ghz wireless.  Approximately 8 feet from my television. This program along with 99% of samsung products are complete trash. Like a 15lb *****ty diaper bundled into a pinata lousy. Me, id be embarassed to put this in frontmof a consumer unless i was rolling tech somewhere in the NW territories of Canada. Your product sucks, id be amazed if this review sees the light of day, and I cannot wait until I can forfeit 99% of my privacy to the chinese to get a superior product compared to yours at 1/50th of the price. I eagerly await the day you either fix your ***** or.simply succumb to bankruptcy you technologically defunkt bunch of fart stabbers 

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I change the phone aspect ratio on my smart view setting and it stopped lagging for me.

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