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Smart view now only mirroring Samsung apps on S9+

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Having recently updated apps, my S9+ now only casts/mirrors Samsung apps, onto my T. V. (you tube will still cast to T. V.).

Before recent "upgrades", I could watch any content from my phone, on any of my T. V's.

I could even watch material from my College site, on T. V. 

Now, I can only watch photos/vids from gallery etc.


Does anyone know what is going on. 

I am due to upgrade to S10+ soon, but will choose other make of phone, if Samsung has removed this function. 

Thanking you. 

An irate Samsung user


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Superuser I

I don't think Samsung has removed the options @Hawk1  as I can use smart things on my Samsung Note 10+ 5G to watch content from the phone to my Samsung Smart TV.


Are there any updates either on the phone or TV that are pending ?



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone Owner.
I have no affiliation with Samsung.

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Hi there,


Was this issue every resolved, I am experiencing the same problem now with only Samsung apps being displayed.


This change only happened after the big software update in this year.


Please advise


I had the same problem. Previously, I loved using the Samsung Smart View app - it was superb. 

I found a way to mirror properly again. I downloaded Miracast app by The Tree Team. So far, it works fine.

I hope this helps someone (Samsung certainly hasn't!)

Good luck everyone.

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Same here. Just went to cast the soccer game from my phone (as I have done before when it isn't on cable only streaming online) and my tv says I can only use Smart View to cast/mirror things from Samsung apps. This is ridiculous. I'm not having a slide show of my personal photos or videos. Ever. This feature is only useful for watching content from the internet on my tv. Way to make it worthless, Samsung.


If anyone knows a workaround please inform!

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