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Smart lock not working!


Please fix this samsung. It is PATHETIC  

I have to unlock my phone constantly when I'm home. I've set many safe locations where my phone should be unlocked, yet this rubbish feature doesn't work. 

I've reset cache, data, cleared all safe spots, started again, nothing doing. Useless .. 



Working fine for me.


An app causing a glitch maybe. Have you looked at app permissions? 


Uninstalling,  reinstalling. Update app. 

Hi @fredphoesh

Further to the advice offered by @Biker74 I recommend restarting your phone in Safe Mode to see if your Smart Lock issues persist. If not then the problem is stemming from a third party application which will need to be removed in order for the feature to function as intended. Turn the device off > Press and hold the Power key > Release the Power key when the S9 logo appears > Press and hold the Volume Down key immediately after releasing the Power key > Continue to hold the Volume Down button until the device finishes booting.

The problem persists when in safe mode.

Suggesting I remove 100+ apps is absurd, and I have no faith at all that this problem will be sorted. 

This issue is very common with Samsung phones and needs to be sorted out by Samsung. A user cannot be expected to wipe their phones not knowing which, if any, of their apps is the cause for this behaviour.

I have tried everything also. Massively annoying...700 quid for a handset that does not work

For location based smart unlock to work, Google's high accuracy location services needs to be turned on (I think this is the default anyway)

Also, the phone needs to have a good unrestricted view of the sky so that it can "see" the satellites.  Once turned on, depending on other settings (primarily power saving) it may take up to half a minute to synchronise with enough satellites to cakculate its position to sufficient accuracy.

Yes high accuracy is turned on. And I even did as many have and made multiple points around my whole house which also does not work. I will stand outside my house to tonight then and do it and my guess is that it will still not work especially as I have effectively  already accounted for gps slip. It's  a terrible feature that is not working for thousands of people. My LG was brilliant no issues.

What a stupid thing to say, that you have to have a clear sight of the sky!!! So if you are in your HOME and want to not have to unlock your phone, you have to first walk outside and wait for  a GPS lock before you can open your phone without unlocking it??? Are you stupid?


This is really pathetic Samsung FIX IT!!!!!

IT has been broken since day 1.

So you have to walk outside to unlock your phone with (not so) Smart Lock???

I have no issue with this feature and works seamlessly for me. I also don't have to go outside.


This is the first I've heard of this issue. Surprised that allegedly 1000s of people are affected and yet, only a couple on here. 


Perhaps you should take your phone into a Samsung store and the like and ask them to check that you have it set up correctly. Could be something very simple you've overlooked.


It is a handy little feature but honestly, I forget it's there as it's such a tiny tiny part of my phone use.

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