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Smart lock not working!

But of course this is not a real fix, but just a very inconvenient workaround, kind of like having to restart the computer each time a Windows module stops functioning. Sad that Samsung and Android won't fix this. Oh wait, maybe you have to shell out 1100 bucks for the new S20 to 'fix' it!
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Look at the post I made about the trust agents. This is fixed it for me anytime that I had an issue.

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Same issue here - had it far a long time with S8 (though it worked initially) and just upgraded to Note 10 Lite - no issues for 4 days and now for no particular reason I can see, it doesn't work any more.

I have smartlock for front of house, back of house (99% overlap but there it is) , near my bluetooth headset, near my laptop - and I still have to enter my pattern. 

Turning trusted agents off, rebooting and on again doesn't work for me.

Any ideas?

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Biker74 Explorer ... denying that others are having problems is not helpful.  I found this thread while googling why the Smart Lock feature of my S10+ was also not working and I suspect I'm one of the "thousands".  I found your reply annoyingly useless and taking up thread space.


I fixed my issue by following later useful replies of actually turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Scanning.  None of the other options worked. 


Now I'm going to re-install Samsung Pay as I like that app and it seems to be to be a dumb solution to remove one  Samsung app to get another Samsung app working.


If you're not going to post something useful, then please just don't post.

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