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Smart lock not working!


Please fix this samsung. It is PATHETIC  

I have to unlock my phone constantly when I'm home. I've set many safe locations where my phone should be unlocked, yet this rubbish feature doesn't work. 

I've reset cache, data, cleared all safe spots, started again, nothing doing. Useless .. 



I also experince this bug. Though sometimes it is working, sometimes not. I do not see a pattern. Please fix!


I had this same issue with my S8+ and now with S10+!!!! It's unbelievable that this problem still hasn't been fixed!!!

I have the Note 9 and this is what I just did to fix this issue! I truly hope it works for you! If you have a weather app, check to see if you only have 1 home area saved to your settings there! If u have more delete the extra one. I went as far and deleted all saved except the one for home. This has seemed to of fixed it for me! Hope it works for you!

Yes, we've read and tried all the online troubleshooting so no need to copy paste the obvious. We're all on this thread because that stuff obviously didn't work and Google needs to fix this known issue. Unfortunately this is Samsung’s site so but sure anything can be done here.... Ugh. This Galaxy is like a child of divorced parents, there's to different entities that need to be involved with troubleshooting... That's one thing I didn't have to worry about with Apple. 

Okay, will you don't need to be here then. Stop saying, "it works for me!" You are no help here.
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I agree..I'm on my second phone because of this!
I found a resolution for this - this has worked for me multiple times

1. turn off Smart Lock from Trust agents.
2. reboot phone
3. turn on smart lock
Hi. What do you mean "multiple times"? Do you mean on multiple phones or on the same device you had the issue with? I'm curious! Thanks.
Agreed. I have the exact same problem. Trying to explain it away by stating the problem lies with a potential list of hundreds, nay thousands of apps, is so ludicrous it's like telling someone to disconnect every possible device in an automobile because they might be causing the brakes to squeal! How about Samsung and Android owning up the problem like big boys and fixing it!! Or simply removing its broken "Trusted Places" app. By the time we would remove all apps and then reinstall them one at a time and test each one's affect, we'd either be retired, upgraded into a new phone, or passed away!
Agreed. The advice is absolutely INSANE! We're supposed to sit outside in -10 degrees weather every time for this junk app!?!?!? That answer is straight out of the old 1990s GPS units!! Is Samsung THAT FAR behind in technology??!!??!!
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