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Settings app is frozen after One UI 2 update


Hello everybody! My settings app dtopped eorking after the latest update. I can open it, but the screen is frozen. No error message. Has anybody else encountered the same issue? It works fine in safe mode. Cleaning the cache didn't help. Thanks a lot!

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Hi @OGrig 


No issue on my Samsung Note 10+ 5G after the Android 10 / Samsung One Ui 2.0 update.


If the phone is working fine in safe mode then one or more of your downloaded apps could be causing this. Start deleting the most recent apps until the issue stops.


Then if this was me I would then let the developer of the app know of the bug.







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Same here; however if you hit the back button the screen becomes "active".  It's silly and I have not found a way around this feature.

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