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Is any one else having SD card error on the S9 or S9+ I have a 128gb sandisk and 128gb Samsung and both I have the same issue it starts happening when I used the camera I get a message saying it detected an SD card and is now using it for storage or something along they lines now I have a rewrite issue it goes away if I restart my phone but it cames back again sometime laterScreenshot_20180317-072318_Facebook.jpg




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I have gone through all my pictures and deleted the corrupted ones. Sofar so good. 

Just found this....
Apparently Samsung started investigating back in March???? 🤔🤔🤔

Wakey Wakey Samsung!!!!

We're still here having problems !!


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Smartphones are more like computers these days and a simple reboot could sometimes fix the most complex errors of them all. You can still restart your device, but shutting it down and switching it back on again has its own advantages. When you undergo this process, the cache memory will be completely cleared and the Android OS will be freshly loaded into it, allowing it to possibly detect your memory card.
Press and hold the power button
A couple of seconds later, a pop-up screen will emerge
Tap the power off and let your phone shut down completely
Wait for at least 30 seconds and press and hold the power button again
The Android OS will boot up

Ah, I can see you're new here. Welcome to the forum. :winking-face:

Hi bimaloy30..
Do you work for Samsung? Are you experiencing the same problems as all of us? If so, you will know that this 'solution' does not work and if you have read through the previous posts, the majority of us, if not all of us have tried this!
Restarting and resetting our phones DOES NOT WORK!!
I apologise for sounding rude, but when is Samsung going to finally do something about this as we are all pretty pi$$ed off!!

This is seriously SO frustrating! When the error pops up my pictures in the gallery (the pics that are saved to SD) will turn black or so blurry you can't show them to anyone. I just got this phone a month ago and it started happening a week in. I just did the latest software update and 5 min after the restart the error popped up again. Come on Samsung, you're better than this!!!!

You'd think after 6 months Samsung would have sorted this, but people are buying new phones only to have the same issue!!
So it proves it's not individual phones or software issues.. It's hardware!!

I just got my phone yesterday so am not familiar with everything yet.   How do you clear the system cache?   I'm having the same problem on my phone.   I transferred the SD card from my S9 to this one when I purchased it.  Thanks.

Too many people are having the same problem. It's definitely not the sd card in my case as it works fine on my previous galaxy S7. 

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