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Is any one else having SD card error on the S9 or S9+ I have a 128gb sandisk and 128gb Samsung and both I have the same issue it starts happening when I used the camera I get a message saying it detected an SD card and is now using it for storage or something along they lines now I have a rewrite issue it goes away if I restart my phone but it cames back again sometime laterScreenshot_20180317-072318_Facebook.jpg




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I am having the same errors ... yesterday I stoped By spectrum got a new drive tray to hold both sim and sd. Just now got the error again. Phone has been restarted several time since yesterday but it took about 18 hrs to fail again....thinks I want a different phone.... been using Samsung for a long time.... 


This error started happening to me after I updated to the latest version of Pie.

It started happening suddenly on a 64Gb SD card that I have already been using for half a year without issues.

I tried wiping cache, formatting, and all the suggestions on this forum but the problem is still here. Sometimes it looks as though as a fix has worked, but hours later it starts happening again.
I am so angry and disappointed that a new phone like this has so many bugs. 

This seems to work for me as well.



What exactly has worked for you?


Hi RogueWolf,


Sorry, I thought I was replying directly to another user's post. Droid7 posted this and so far it has worked for me:


I did a "wipe cache partition" by turning off the phone pressing the up "volume button"+ "bixby button" +"power button" simultaneously while device is switched off until the device powers on and select "wipe cache partition" it will not harm your memory or saved data use the "volume up and down keys" to move up and move down on the options menu and "power button" to select that option I did it and no sd card error so far so I hope this is the solution thanks "gav4b" for your help if it doesn't show up on my phone anymore but so far so good fingers crossed🤞🏿.

And this was for my new S10.

It is unfortunate that it seems like any fix that anyone has gotten lucky enough to find typically only works on one to 2% of all affected phones. For the rest it temporarily fix is it weather for hours or sometimes days I've even heard a couple for weeks but unfortunately it doesn't work in the end. That would be why this thread has gone on as long as it has and unfortunately there's still no end in sight. Hopefully we eventually find something that works in Samsung doesn't seem interested in doing anything about it


This is even happening on the new phones. I mean I guess Samsung's answer is to format the SD card which is what the error message says to do if it keeps happening, but I didn't want to go through the trouble of backing up my data. I came from the S7 to the S10 with the same SD card and it seems related to this issue because the same happened with my son's phone when he went from the S6 to the J Prime. 


Seems like the old phone's data is stored on the card and when putting it in the new phone, the new phone doesn't properly overwrite it. 


Did you try the wipe cache partition, Ms Tony?


Yes I did. I'm on s9+ and have been having trouble with the sd cards since a few months after I put the first one in. I lost alot of photos of my parents (both deceased though got lucky have copies of some of them elsewhere but.not all) after they got moved to the sd card and a ton of pictures of my granddaughter because had them all going right to the card. 

I believe I have tried around 8-10 cards so far (most brand new couple from s7 or s7 edge)  I'm one of the ones who gets the stupid exclamation point in middle of grey in place of my pictures. One second you have adorible pics of a 3-6 month old and a fried rocking her as she fight sleeping, then go to show them to him and my daughter and nothing just alot of grey w/! In a circle. Check sd card and it says there isnt one in the phone. Try it in other device or reader either doesnt exist or corrupted or says info there but cant load it.(and if and when you're able just get the same grey screen) I no longer save my photos to an SD card from this phone at all same goes for files and anyting I'd like to keep that and I backup the entire phone to at least two places completely separate from each other before I even put a card in.


It's as thought between massive quality control errors and apparently lying about SD card expansion functionality, Samsung is actively trying to push people to other devices. I own my own business and rely on my phone heavily. Not to mention, I take tons of photos. Are they trying to get people to switch to LG or dare I say, Apple????? So to summarize, 128GB class 10 Samsung SD cards (I tried 4 Samsung branded cards) and 128GB Sandisk (I tried 1 known working card) all have the same error within hours of use. This includes a clean format of the device to out-of-box experience AND format of the storage card within the device. I brought my S9+ to my local Samsung experience store at a Best Buy and they said the phone is fine and it must be all the cards I tried??? The ONLY card I was able to get working was my old Samsung Class 10 32GB that I used with my S7. Go figure. Maybe its a size limitation error? Either way, I regret getting rid of my Apple devices for myself and employees. 

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