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Is any one else having SD card error on the S9 or S9+ I have a 128gb sandisk and 128gb Samsung and both I have the same issue it starts happening when I used the camera I get a message saying it detected an SD card and is now using it for storage or something along they lines now I have a rewrite issue it goes away if I restart my phone but it cames back again sometime laterScreenshot_20180317-072318_Facebook.jpg




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I'm sorry your SD card got corrupted. I still try to hang onto my current 128 GB SanDisk sd card. It seems to be working and  no corrupted files so far. 

Just an fyi, it was a 128gb sandisk ultra that corrupted inside my note 9.


Hi all , emailed Samsung again, had a reply , not the usual automated "factory reset and re-format your card please"...

Maybe someone will finally look into this! 👏👏👏

Will keep you posted !


What is the email address that you sent your email to?

Just Samsung support...

1st email sent. ..

Hi, please don't bother with the automated reply to try a factory reset blah.. blah.. because it doesn't work! 
There are a large number of users including myself that have your new phones and they all have the same fault/issue with corrupting SD cards. I've contacted Samsung (here) previously and I have had the reply that you are looking into this but it is not a recognised fault... 
This has been going on for the last 5 months and still no recognition from Samsung?? 
Please could you forward this to the relevant management to be investigated further? 
Thank you.


Reply from Samsung. ..

Thank you for your email. Your customer reference number is -----------.



We will raise this concern into our product change specialist, as for the moment, may we know if the Sd card works when plugged into a PC?

If you require additional support, please contact us on 0330 726 7864 (UK) or 0818 717 100 (EIRE), or respond to this email and I will be more than happy to help.

Alternatively, you can visit our Support website where you will find FAQs, How-To-Videos and other useful information for Samsung products.



Kind regards


My reply ...

Hi, thank you for the reply.. 

No, the SD card does not work in my PC (Dell Latitude E6440 laptop), the card is now corrupt (Samsung 128gb Evo+ SDXC). I am hesitant about purchasing another in case it happens again. 
I apologise for sounding abrupt in my email but this has become a very frustrating problem for myself and countless others for the last 5 months with no help/recognition from Samsung. 
As titled, this is an issue with the S9 and S9+ with a few new Note 9 owners experiencing the same problem. If you have a spare 5 minutes, please take a look at the Samsung Community forum link in my first email (or just look for SD card error on S9+ in the UK forum). 
Thanks again and hope to speak to you soon. 
I'd calmed down for my reply..😁
Talk with a bit of politeness / gratitude, MAYBE someone will have a look! 👍👍

@derobr_75 wrote:
I'd calmed down for my reply..😁
Talk with a bit of politeness / gratitude, MAYBE someone will have a look! 👍👍

Thanks for the effort, hopefully someone will look into it. I am still amazed that Samsung does not recognise this as a fault with the handset itself. All of us cannot be supplied with faulty SD cards. Eagerly waiting for something to happen. 


Not to mention that these SD cards worked perfectly well in our old phones but became corrupted in the he new phone

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