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Is any one else having SD card error on the S9 or S9+ I have a 128gb sandisk and 128gb Samsung and both I have the same issue it starts happening when I used the camera I get a message saying it detected an SD card and is now using it for storage or something along they lines now I have a rewrite issue it goes away if I restart my phone but it cames back again sometime laterScreenshot_20180317-072318_Facebook.jpg




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I actually reached out to Samsung regarding this issue. After 3 attempts I finally was able to get through and have my issue "Escalated". The end result is that they wanted me to ship them my phone for up to 2 weeks. When inquiring about what i was to do for communication during that time ( I do not have a land line, not many people do these days) I was given no other option. I tried to impress upon them that this was not a single device this was happening on. We are talking multiple devices and multiple cards in my own home! I did not find their solution acceptable. I even made mention of this thread. What are we up to, 38 pages now of people expressing concern about this issue? I may try to get back to Samsung in hopes I find someone a little more receptive. Or give Sprint a call to see what their stance is on this. Ultimately this has placed a seriously bad taste in my mouth for the Galaxy series phone. To make matters worse we now have an S10 user expressing the same concerns. This does not bode well!

Yep, just purchased and S10 plus and the error has started to show up.  Found this thread looking for a solution.

This thread is becoming longer than the wall of China, yet STILL no response, resolution or even acknowledgment from Samsung. Unfortunately this is typical of large conglomerate corporation's

I came real close to purchasing an S10 or an S10 Plus I'm trading my Nyan when it was worth 550 or whatever and then that man if they haven't fixed the problem yet so I actually bought myself an unlocked x-23 that has 128gb and almost no pre-installed junk on it so I figure I can move anything I need to over to that one

This Thread was the first time I'd ever posted anything on Samsung and that was my goodness over a year ago now actually got to be almost 14 15 months now. And it's been going continuously since then. There been people who contacted Samsung customer service directly attempting to get an answer brought their phones in and yeah just nothing seems to work.



Out of curiousity, what size is the SD Card you are using? 

I used different sizes 32 GB 64GB 128GB . Used several different brands Including buying several direct from Samsung (after 1st one went to grey with ! I didnt try another lol) by then I would reset gallery so pics went to phone memory and everything backed up just in case. I also purchased one off of Amazon that's comes with a guarantee if you lose the info they'll try and get it back for you and if they can't then they'll replace the card but yeah I never did stick that one into this phone. I'm use the same memory cards same size and brand in my cameras for the security system around the house and all of my other phones and my streaming media devices never had a problem with any of the others, just the ones I stuck in this phone

Funnily enough I never had this error until after latest pie update on s9+ everything was fine before that on 128gb card then after update keep getting this error.

Guys I was so happy that my phone hadn't acted up for so long...and I think fate caught up with it. 

Last night the phone itself acted up a lot, froze a couple of times ... and had to restart it. 

Well... now it says card is not inserted so I am so disappointed in Samsung I could cry.

I've lost a bit of data but thankfully nearly everything was saved on various places. 

I am so angry at Samsung that I have a fairly good phone, and I have to deal with this issue. This is not a cheap phone, but a fairly expensive one and I am so disappointed that I can't wait to have the opportunity to change to another one. 


Hi all, been in the wind for a while, but still been watching this thread, obviously with no fixes.. 

I'm on my second S9 (after smashing my screen on the first),  it was replaced with a new model that I've had no problems with so far.. (I've now just jinxed myself) Still using a Samsung 64gb from my first S9 with no crashes/corruptions. Just bit the bullet and purchased a Sandisk 128gb upgrade, feel like there's too many fake Samsung cards out there.. Has anyone had any luck with cards above 64gb as I think there is a link/fault with bigger cards being read by Samsung phones? (seen this has already been suggested) Also, has anyone had any luck with sd cards being replaced? 

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