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Screen keeps waking up

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Morning guys,


I have been having this infuriating problem were when my phone goes to sleep or i lock the phone, every couple of seconds it lights up as if I have pressed the lock button and then goes back to sleep. This occurs regularly through out the day every couple of seconds. It started recently. I have tried the usual fixes like resetting my phone to factory defaults, turning off AOD, Clearing catch for AOD, checking setting like wake up when lifted etc are turned off. Has anyone experienced this and if so what was the work around?



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I would recommend "nice catch" by Samsung. It's located in the galaxy app store. Once it downloaded you can have it monitor your screen wake up history to tell you exactly what is waking it up. Hope this helps identify your issue.Galaxy store "nice catch" by SamsungGalaxy store "nice catch" by Samsung


Select wake up history and any other you wish to monitorSelect wake up history and any other you wish to monitor


Examples: system fingerprint or charger disconnectedExamples: system fingerprint or charger disconnected


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