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Samsuns s9 notifcations issue

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Yesterday the notifcations on my samsung s9+ suddenly changed and i cannot seem to fix it. When i get a notifcation from any app i cannot read the sub text or text below or whatever its called. The text thats below it is greyed out and barely readable, if at all. Lets say i get a message on instagram, i get the notifcation that says this person sent you a message which is fine and readable. I used to be able to read the first sentence of that message without opening it, and if i swiped down i saw a couple sentences. Now, thats still there but unreadable. its very light and grey. Does anyone know how to change this? The annoying too is, that for whatsapp its fine. but for all the other apps it isnt and its unreadable. Thank you!

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