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Samsung Upgrade scheme

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Sny user feedback in how the uograde scheme has worked in the real world. Issues at upgrade time? 


Does anyone know if you lose or damage your phone  within  the first 12 months and your insurance  replaces it, if samsung would  accept  it when it comes to upgrade time? Given its not the phone  they sold me....


Any other  real world  feedback appreciated. 




This is something I tried to find out from Samsung shop been waiting since Thursday.  They were going to contact the finance company and should have an answer within 24hrs which hasnt happened. I had the s8 in black and now have it in blue because they had no black model at the time of me getting a replacement. 


Did you find the answer?


No am getting really annoyed with Samsung shop/customer service as its now been a week and I have called a few times to be told the same thing that it's being looked in to. I don't think  they have done anything as Ive ask twice to send me an email to confirm this is being dealt with and had nothing. If anyone else is having the same issue or can help let me know. Tbh if it's a no I can trade it in but the longer its left the value of my phone goes down


I had the same issue, and the insurance says it does not matter, as they are giving £200 for any phone, working and no issues with the mobile, as you are upgrading its MK that get the phone and inform samsung its fine and pay £200 for your trade in phone, which is offset against your credit agreement.


Hope this helps.

Thanks for the mesg. I gave up with the whole support that Samsung offer if you have questions regards the upgrading scheme and even with the credit company is shocking. I just paid off the finance for last phone and certainly won't be using this finance company again. Ive learnt my lesson the hard way lol
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