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Samsung S9 keyboard dictionary

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I guess my phone did an update recently. Ever since, all the words I had in my personal dictionary are gone. I have to type them all out, they don't save again. People's names, places, etc. What can i do to fix this? I have even noticed the words don't even predict the same as before. If i type the first letter wrong by mistake, it doesn't catch it all. If i type and just keep going, the words change. And the word "i" isn't automatically capitilized. Please help! 

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I lost my saved words and saved email addresses when I updated too @curlymom 


However my phone is now learning them again.


Sometimes like you when I start a new sentence the letter isn't capitalised. 


I'm used to back spacing now which invokes the capital option. is the version of Samsung Keyboard I'm using.


Perhaps check your predictive text settings and reset the keyboard.


You could elect to send a bug report via your Samsung Members App.


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can take a look.


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Same issue.  Any solution?

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