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Samsung s9 android Pie Update Problems


i've recently updated my S9 to android pie + one UI


1.when i swipe up (new navigation bar) to recent apps, in horizontal view it always...go in to recent apps tab view -> wait awhile then switch to vertical view..which is very delaying + slowing down the movement and when im at a full view horizontal game and i decided to go to recent apps view i swipe up to recent apps, it goes from horizontal view to vertical view not instantly but delay and turn.


2. recent apps button after u swipe up or click, it always go to the recent apps view but in a second it will move to the last apps i used which i only wanted to see the recent apps not samsung helping me to 1.go recent apps 2.move to the last apps used (please note it does nt go into the apps just showing the last used apps view in recent apps tab view) 3.i need to swipe my screeen left to move back to the apps im using to close it..very annoying


3.the fingerprint reader reaction got slowed down, the whole ui got slowed down..



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Hello everyone, so I was waiting for this update from a long time and it came on 7th feb for my bell Canada s9. I was so happy to see it show up and started updating right away. Downloaded and then it started updating, while on the updating or installing screen - it got stuck at 33%. I thought it will take time so I gave it 3 -4 hours. Nothing worked, I tried vol down + power + bixby and it just rebooted and then again came to that 33% screen. I then did a little research and found that some people also had this problem. Had to download Samsung stock firmware and then use the Odin software to make it work. This was a very bad experience with Samsung and it wasted my 7 8 hours, then I had to do all the settings and add all accounts cause all my data was gone with it. It's such a shame to know that these problems can happen with a technology giant like Samsung and they took a long time to update their devices with the new Android Pie. I don't think I'll be buying another Samsung ( I used to love my device 😞 ).

P.S. - New One UI still needs to be polished, my device got stuck on the Bixby feed thing after updating and then I had to disable it with this package disabler thingy that cost me around 5 bucks. Then my friend told me that there is an option to disable it while you customize home screen panels ( I'm Dumb ).

If incoming calls are sent directly to voicemail try to disable the "Caller ID and spam protection" in Phone > Settings.

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Everyone I have talked to that using an S9 has an issue with this last update, how sad.. I am warning everyone not to install it until issues are fixed.  Terrible :grinning-face-with-one-large-and-one-small-eye:

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I updated my Tmobile S9+ and have problems getting updates to email with the native email app, the Gmail app and other third-party apps such as bluemail. Intermittent notifications occur and most of the time, the screen has to be unlocked for the apps to fetch email. I worked with Samsung technical support who recommended a factory reset and or waiting until a fix. The factory reset did nothing to resolve the issue. Another issue I encountered occurred during a restore with Smartswitch, the restore did not work. I am extremely surprised these problems seem to be going unreported among tech blogs. Samsung, please fix this!

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I ran the update this morning (wish I had read this first!). After update always on display will not turn on. I've powered off phone, checked AOD in sertings, still not working. Thoughts? 

I haven't experienced this problem. Have you tried to boot into recovery mode and cleared the cache? It may help but I am just speculating.

I hate pie and one ui. Since I was unable to uninstall and s9 plus is an ugly phone anyways I decided to upgrade to the gorgeous note 3 the greatest phone samdung ever made. Talk about throwing away 900 dollars, that is where the s9 plus is going as soon as my note 3 arrives. Phone is so bad i can easily throw it away into the recycle bin.

how about rolling back the old version. This bites!

*****ty *****ty update. My phone won't charge wirelessly anymore and constantly disconnects when plugged in.  Can't find fast charge settings anymore. 

Also lost swiping capability for typing. Also can't find in settings anymore. 

Went from loving my phone to a *****ing brick. 

My always on settings were changed to only turn on after a screen touch. This was the default after pie update. Try touching screen and see if it works. Then go back into settings and set it back to always be on. I left mine on touch screen to help save some battery but I initially thought the upgrade broke it.
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