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Samsung s9 android Pie Update Problems


i've recently updated my S9 to android pie + one UI


1.when i swipe up (new navigation bar) to recent apps, in horizontal view it always...go in to recent apps tab view -> wait awhile then switch to vertical view..which is very delaying + slowing down the movement and when im at a full view horizontal game and i decided to go to recent apps view i swipe up to recent apps, it goes from horizontal view to vertical view not instantly but delay and turn.


2. recent apps button after u swipe up or click, it always go to the recent apps view but in a second it will move to the last apps i used which i only wanted to see the recent apps not samsung helping me to 1.go recent apps 2.move to the last apps used (please note it does nt go into the apps just showing the last used apps view in recent apps tab view) 3.i need to swipe my screeen left to move back to the apps im using to close it..very annoying


3.the fingerprint reader reaction got slowed down, the whole ui got slowed down..



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Wasn't Samsung's fault, the update is by google...

Cant believe i updated this version on 15th january, and its almost march..there is still no new updates to fix our samsung flagships android P  problem...Samsung sometimes really failed us with software problems.

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I bought my S9 1 month ago and everything seemed to work fine, smooth. In the moment of switching to pie phone began lagging alot. Every animation between switching from home screen to all apps laggs. Every opening of all apps to clear up glitches and flickers onto the app next to the one im using at the moment. Not that this update improved the performance, it reduced it drastically. Not only that I dont suggest you to update to PIE but i suggest you not to buy Samsung if this issue won't clear up soon! Very dissapointed.


I had the same problem.  No one at T-mobile nor Samsung could fix it.  I uninstalled Zedge and now it seems to work.


Same issue as some :

- Outgoing calls take as much as 30 seconds to connect

- Incoming calls get redirected to voicemail

- Some apps did not reinstall properly and wouldn't install at all

- General lags overall.


I've read people with other issues as well; I cannot believe Samsung did such a poor job for QA.

A long time ago, I had an S3. Flawless functionning (...until I dropped it from the 18th floor). My S4 had upgrade issues as well, enough for me to switch to a Nexus.

Now the S9+, a supposedly hi-end phone. This will be my last Samsung. Ever.

I read that some posts are 3weeks old.. So this is 3 weeks without any fixes ? Amazing.


That didn't fix it  


I just did a factory reset/wipe and it seems to work now.


samsung wont even call back customers about this issue or answer emails 

samsung is telling customers there are no issues but wont send that in writing via email

I'm 1 day into a full wipe and reset and so far it seems to work.  

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