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Samsung s9 android Pie Update Problems


i've recently updated my S9 to android pie + one UI


1.when i swipe up (new navigation bar) to recent apps, in horizontal view it always...go in to recent apps tab view -> wait awhile then switch to vertical view..which is very delaying + slowing down the movement and when im at a full view horizontal game and i decided to go to recent apps view i swipe up to recent apps, it goes from horizontal view to vertical view not instantly but delay and turn.


2. recent apps button after u swipe up or click, it always go to the recent apps view but in a second it will move to the last apps i used which i only wanted to see the recent apps not samsung helping me to 1.go recent apps 2.move to the last apps used (please note it does nt go into the apps just showing the last used apps view in recent apps tab view) 3.i need to swipe my screeen left to move back to the apps im using to close it..very annoying


3.the fingerprint reader reaction got slowed down, the whole ui got slowed down..



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Well - let us see if this works.  Just got off the phone with Xfinity who recommends a new SIM card.  On the way to the store now to see if that is truly the problem.   

What third party app did u end up downloading and did it allow MMS ?

No dice - New SIM card from Xfinity didn't work.  "You'll just have to wait for Android to fix it."  UGH!  Disgusted

@Stephanie48 wrote:

No dice - New SIM card from Xfinity didn't work.  "You'll just have to wait for Android to fix it."  UGH!  Disgusted

Hi Stephanie if you download messenger from the App Store it's a third party app buy Samsung integrates and works very well you might find yourself keeping this app and using it at it is more user friendly and it works you can send messages photos with it I have done so on my phone because of the spud problem

Samsung techs connected to my phone remotely and check that out and downloaded the app for me of the Play Store to correct the problem until the new software comes out to fix it

I ended up switching to IPhone. When I called Samsung they weren’t helpful at all. All they told me was to send my phone to them but I would have to put in a claim for a replacement phone. So bye Samsung. 

One contact I message dosent show the message as sent but it is delivered to them on my end the message is still loading but it is sent just dosent say it is

No, it did not.  And it was Messenger which I believe is Google.  

The message app I have is Samsung's messenger app.  Frustrating.   And now, sometimes it won't even send a regular SMS.  I wonder if that is because the recipient that it is not going to has ATT as a carrier?   

I downloaded Samsung's messenger app.  I could send pictures but it kept sending the same picture 7 times when I was trying to send a sentence.  Plus, it kept asking me to install Messenger Home.  I did...terrible.  Constant ads in my texts.  So, after some research I downloaded Android Messages (Google's official SMS app). Works perfectly with added bonus that I can send/receive texts from my pc. I'll probably keep this app even after this Samsung Pie update bug gets fixed.  It's quite confusing because all of the texting apps are either called "Messages" or "Messenger".  Anyway, this app was top rated on Android Central    Hope this helps.

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