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Samsung QLED TV Free Phone Promotion


Does anyone have any information about these promotions please. I made a claim for a phone against a Qled TV. The claim was validated and then I had to wait 30 days for the phone.  There was no sign of the phone , so I emailed them and Im getting a  "Unfortunately we are suffering from a slight delay due to the popularity of the promotion" and are not commiting to say whether its going to be days or weeks.    Any one had a similar problem?  


Well George has not phoned back to inform what is happening from the 3rd party Samsung promotion  company as he promised he would do , but am I surprised at this ? No not one bit.

I got an email from DX couriers last night to say I have a parcel coming today the 1st Feb but as if yet 4.5pm I have not received anything but hopefully it is my phone coming as it does not say from the courier what I have coming.

It's been a fasico from the word go with Samsung and their 3rd party promotion  agents, but let's hope today I get my phone and it's over and done with.


Well I didn't receive anything from the courriers DX today and I write this at 8.50pm so the email I got last night about a delivery today like everything about this Samsung promotion  it just hasn't happened and no notification to tell me when I can expect it so my scenario continues 

Went onto DX web site and now am being told my delivery will be between the 2nd & 4th Feb so it's still a waiting game here 44 days today and Samsung and their promotion 3rd party agents have still to honour their agreement of between 3days & 30days I would have what was owed to me, i was reading in the papers the great Samsung is not going so well at the minute with there products as sales are down and I sit back and ask I wonder why that is ?

Hi ChosenOne08 - did you get your phone via DX ? I got a text this morning. No indication what the delivery is or from where. My tracking status on the Samsung site hasn't changed. 

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