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Samsung phone's Amber Alerts


Hey Samsung community,

           I just received an Amber Alert. If you don't know an Amber Alert is a message sent out to the general public to help gather information on a kidnapping. Normally the alert contanis information about the child, and what to look for i.e. make and model of a vehicle. The notifications associated with the alert are buzzing sounds, vibrations, menu bar icon and a popup window on the screen (containing info). 

            My issue, as the user, I dismissed the popup window now I can not recheck that information. Not anyway that I have found at least. Also, this is not yet posted on the internet, it is too current. In a time sensitive situation I think it is important to be able to recheck the information easily. 

            If possible, how do I recheck that info should I want to? If not possible, how can I contact Samsung and request development on enhancing this feature?

Thank you,


For general information about notifications see:

For retrieval of deleted notifications on Samsung you'll have to install other apps :

To relay a feature request directly adress a moderator here, they can contact the Development, oder contact support via the Members app.

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