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I want to use Samsung Pay. I bank with Halifax and Barclays.  But neither bank will accept my cards. So why should I keep Samsung Pay on my device?

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Hi @Jonlog 


The Banks themselves have to sign upto Samsung Pay so I would suggest to send them some feedback asking if and when they intend to.


I would keep Samsung Pay on your phone so it's ready for if or when your Bank decides to join up.


My Bank does allow Samsung Pay but I prefer Google Pay.


I find it more simpler to use !


i.e no having to swipe up to activate it like Samsung Pay.


Just unlock the phone and hover it over the paypoint.



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I have just managed to register my halifax card with samsung pay and got it working on my galaxy watch. This year samsung have teamed up with something called curve. Try and add your halifax card to samsung pay now and you are directed to a curve account. once set up your halifax card then works via your curve account, finally problem solved, going to try the wifes tomorrow with her barclays account.
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