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Samsung Pay with Gear S3 Frontier

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Is there a way to make the Samsung Pay on my S9 + work with the Samsung Pay on my Gear S3 Watch? It seems silly that they two don't really communicate and are seperate from each other.


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I have the same issue I am using Samsung pay on my S9 however samsung pay doesn't appear on my Frontier watch (bought from India)
@Scott500: If you want to use your phone and watch to make payments then Samsung Pay will need to be installed on both devices. There isn't a way to connect the separate versions of the service, although if you have the same bank account linked to both versions then they are essentially in tandem. @Viabhavrm: If you are based outside of India then Samsung Pay on your Gear S3 Frontier will not be compatible due to software variances that exist in Samsung devices from region to region.
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