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I bought my S9 in Hong Kong and I am wondering if I can set up Samsung Pay UK rather than Samsung Pay Hong Kong, whenever I open the app I get a popup saying would you like to set up Samsung Pay Hong Kong, if I click ok and try to register my UK bank card the only cards it supports are ones from Hong Kong banks. Any ideas?


Thanks for that info, did anything else not work? 

I see amazon have the INternation s9+ for £530 vs £739 for the UK one, tempted to jsut get the Inter one and do what you did.



Sorry for the late reply, 

No, nothing else works. Hoping for an update one day from Samsung to fix the issue. But it be honest,  I now prefer to place my card on the payment terminal than take out my phone so it is ok.

Did you manage to get it working on the international version? 



I've just purchased a S10+ from Hong Kong and my Samsung Pay works fine for me. I had originally set up Samsung Pay on my EU S8 so had a Samsung Pay account already rather than setting up a new one. Not sure if this would work for you setting up an account on an EU phone then installing on the version you have but it seems to have worked for me. I haven't tested Samsung Pay on my Gear S3 Frontier yet but assuming that will work too if it is working on my handset.

I have my Starling card registered to Samsung Pay as it supports so little accounts so it could also be that it is recognising that the Starling card is international but none of my UK accounts work on Samsung Pay :face-with-tears-of-joy:

Thanks for the hello and interesting information Fieldy618

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