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Samsung Galaxy s9

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Hi! I just joined. What is going on with the s9? My internet connection is very slow! Slow as in buffering SLOW. Tmobile wants nothing to do with you after you buy it. They have an excuse for everything.  Now what do I do?

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In all honesty this is most probably in connection to the data connection speeds where you are @Denise45


Your network should have a network online mast checker to get an indication if something is at issue. 


Plus you may have mast congestion in your area. 


What do visitors to you or neighbours experience if they are on the same network ?


Other things such as weather, built up areas, trees and population growth can affect services. 

Does things improve if you commute to a different area ?


Do things improve on wifi ?


As a process of elimination can you try your sim card in another phone ?


If it does not improve by using another phone and your masts look Ok then it could be your sim card which needs replacing. 



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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