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S9 wifi internet may not be available.


I have two s9 phones both over last few days since a samsung update on 8th April are coming up an exclamation mark when connecting to my wifi saying internet not available. This happens when it switches between my 2g and 5g ssids. The phones are indeed connected to my wifi as when turning off mobile data and connected to wifi I still get web pages. Although with this error can't download from Google play or connect to anything on my lan.

The issue goes away if I turn off 5g ssid on my router not ideal!! Router has latest firmware and all other devices connect fine as well as an old htc m8 phone no issues only on two s9 phones do I get this anyone any ideas.same issue here although on s8


Bro you are not the only one. Even I am noticing the same issue on my S9+. I have a dual band router with 2.4G & 5G. Everything works fine if I connect to 2.4G SSID but it is opposite if I connect to 5G SSID. For now I am using 2.4G and waiting for Samsung fix.

Not only that I face below two major issues
1. Call drops frequently and person at the other end says can't hear me for a while. I am sure it is a software issue which needs a fix.
2. Black Crush issue if I watch videos in dark. Again this is a software issue which needs a fix.

Eagerly waiting for update from Samsung with all these fixes. I am really p****d off with Samsung after buying S9+. All issues which I have reported are major that makes me unhappy. I really don't know why they want to announce a new device without enough testing in different conditions.

Hi mate i managed to fix the 2g/ 5g switching on the phone issue by going into the network settings on phone; wifi connections for my ssids  and giving it a static ip address for both make sure your gateway is your router and dns settings to what you prefer either google ones etc I use a smart dns service so I set mine to those now I can walk about the house and it changes to either 5g or 2g now no problem. Also had to make sure my router assigned the same ip address to my phone if ever I rebooted it this was easy as I use ddwrt firmware and can assign the same ip via mac address see if your router software supports this. Now only the not receiving missed calls notifications if spam and caller Id  is on in phone app to sort got a temperarory fix for that installed hiya app from play store but not impressed basic wifi and calls on a new flagship phone having issues not impressed samsung. Most consumers buy a phone to work out of the box.

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I have the EXACT same problem. Internet may not be available. Exclamation mark beside the wifi logo. Can use the wifi for all other app except google play store. All my other devices are fine including my very old iphone 4s and my toshiba laptop. Read online about this issue and appaerently it existed for previous samsung phones as well. When will samsung fix this issue. I was almost happy when i left apple and came to samsung. 

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I am having the same issue. Downloading anything is especially prone to trigger that exclamation mark. The only workaround I have found is turning wifi off and on (on the phone)... this is defintely underwhelming for such a premium phone. Its simply rediculous that my Galaxy S5 can handle wifi like a boss, while my S9+ lays there with an exclamation mark on its forhead 😞

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I found a fix that worked for me, might work for you, not sure if it fixes 5g networks though. I just went to wifi setting and seleted the network that was saying not available. Go into it's setting and make sure advance setting in set, and it should say IP settings, just change it to static and save it. Don't change anything, unless you know what your doing, and for me a few seconds later problem fixed. Let me know if it worked in case it's just for me so others don't waste time.

Try turning bluetooth off. For some bizarre reason, this is the only thing that works. Google said it has something to do with the WPA security settings but all I know is it works now. 

I tried it. Did not work for me. I had my phone serviced for this issue by Samsung, they changed the motherboard, but I still get the problem. The fact that they changed the motherboard suggest they know there is an issue. However, it could be a general defect in the Wi-Fi module (low quality?), hence changing board has no effect. 

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Having the same issues on my S9+ since it came back after fixing a broken screen by Samsung Repair service.

Going on internet (chrome) via wifi gives internet connection error. Using 4G and everything works fine.

Also playstore does nog connect via Wifi. Other apps do work with wifi.... 

Very frustrating!!! Waiting for a fix by Samsung...

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Same exact issue

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