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S9 Text message ringtone


I can’t seem to assign different tunes to individual Contacts messages anymore but still can with their Call ringtone. Am I doing something wrong, any help TIA.

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Samsung, are you reading this? All of the unsatisfied customers? I am sure you are not. If you are, you don't care.  I DARE YOU, I DARE YOU to reply with something other than a bull*****t form letter about this fix coming soon but you don't know when.  Chicken ***** is what you are. You would rather loose customers by lying to them than by telling the truth and saving some face.  You would rather loose customers than <gasp!> solving the issue. Giving consumers what they want....what a novel idea!!


Great to hear my friend.  If you've been following the news,  these guys are losing business,  in particular, phone sales.  Hey,  Samsung,  you hear us?  We're not up talking for devices because you lie constantly.  You've been promising a fix for a simple problem for over a year.  Not hard.  It worked before.  You just don't want to serve your customers.  I personally, tell everyone to avoid anything carrying the Samsung name.  It seems to be working.  I've been reading you will also keep the next update on the operating system away from us as long as possible.  Way to go! Lie to us again!


My question is... is this a Samsung Problem or is this an Android problem?  The problem originates with the Contact files where the Personal Text message tone came from.  The "Fix" that everyone keeps harping about is totally useless to me since most of my messages are team/group oriented.  That, and occasionally, I delete the massive amount of text messages thus deleting their "Fix" of assigning tones to the message and NOT the individual.  


My only hope now it Android Pie.  So lets see if the android people have heard the complaints.  

Don't hold your breath. They're already saying Samsung will hold the release until the last. This is a Samsung issue. Other phones have no issue with the sane messaging. Samsung is totally committed to ignoring legacy users. I own a Samsung TV (issues galore), a Samsung washer (they sent a freaking sticker took correct the exploding wash drums) and this crappy S8÷. After these die, there will NEVER be another Samsung product in this home. They've missed sales projections big time. Their lying customers (lack of) service could be a big part of that. I hope it continues to track

This didn't work for me on my s9 plus.... Kept giving me an error page 


Well, I wrote a nice letter to Samsung Tech Support and I got a wonderful (Confusing) response....   I must admit, it is a beautiful job of dancing around the question.  


Hello Brad,

Thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support.

We understand that you want a setting in which the message tones are assigned to specific contact and won't reset when a message thread is deleted. We will provide you with the required information.

Before the Oreo update, whenever you set a message tone for contacts it will be set to custom even if you delete the message. This is because previously the customized text tone is set for contacts only and not for the messages. So whenever you delete any message also the setting will be shown as custom.

Where as now(after Oreo update), The option to set customized text tone for contacts is removed and no longer available. The customized text tone is only introduced for the messages app. So whenever you delete any message the Setting will be set to default.

Our Samsung support team is working on customized message tones. Hopefully, Samsung might release an update in the future.

I hope I was helpful today. I'd be grateful if you could take a quick survey; your support and encouragement will keep us motivated. To start the survey, please click on "Start survey here" at the end of this email. Please ensure that your browser settings and pop-up blockers allow the pop-ups to display the survey window.

If you wish to chat, email or call us for any questions, please go to the "Contact Us" option available on the right hand side of the support page.

Thank you for choosing Samsung products.



Well I hope you have them both barrels in the survey and told them they suck! From it will be in the next update to maybe in a future update just back pedals yet again. 


They are losing all confidence if their customers had any left at all that is!


And watch it wont come back until they real ease the 10 so people will have to buy the 10 ..I'm going to apple. .they are not taking my money for *****ty service 


And 5hey said it will be with the version 9 update hmmm Screenshot_20190116-170922_Settings.jpg

 They said it will be the 9 update its not..LIES


Well, I was trying to blast them on their survey form, but after typing about 1600 characters and pressing send, I get this message that they would only take 255 Characters.  So I had to cut out a LOT of stuff.  But hopefully, they will get my point at least.  Sigh.  

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