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S9 Text message ringtone


I can’t seem to assign different tunes to individual Contacts messages anymore but still can with their Call ringtone. Am I doing something wrong, any help TIA.

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There was for the s8/s8+ but not the 9's


What about assigning SMS tone for unnumbered messages? Regards 

Doesn't work. Their lame answer... loaded a 3rd party app like Textra or Mood.

I just want to add my agreeance to the chorus of people unhappy with Samsung's supposed "UPGRADE". I had a Samsung S7 until it was stolen when overseas in Lisbon recently 😥 and have now upgraded to an S9+.

I was horrified to learn I can't assign individual tunes to text messages!!!! I constantly push to all who'll listen that Samsung is way better than iPhone.....but this backwards DOWNGRADE has me wondering if it's all about to change!

I wonder what on earth the Samsung powers were thinking when they removed something that had been such a feature in its phones for so long! What purpose? (was an Apple tech infiltrated into the Samsung staff??! 😮)

Please, please, PLEASE bring this feature back and make it an urgent automatic upgrade! I, like so many others, do NOT want to have to get in a third party App to do something that had been an automatic feature of Samsung for years!


Agree, I second that, Please bring this feature back to the contacts app, just like before, I do not want to download another app, I like the samsung stock app, Hurry, it's annoying not knowing who texts.


Hey guys,


As @AntS has already posted, due to the overwhelming feedback from users and customers this feature will be available again with a future update. 



Say "hello!" and
Introduce Yourself, or virtually hangout in the Samsung Lounge


Not meaning to sound rude, but we've heard this for a long, long time, updates come and go and still this is not resolved. Forgive me but I will believe it if, more than when it happens. 


That's honestly the most important, I listen for each individual tone to know, that's not important, I can check later, or a different tone to know, that's someone important, I better look. 



My messages version is and I still can't get text ringtones for specific contacts... I don't know if I'm doing something wrong


I just upgraded to a Galaxy S9 from a Galaxy S4 mini.  Even back then I was able to customize the bubbles in the text message, have a background of my choice, and have a separate sound for each person that texted me.  OMG, I paid plenty for this new phone so that I could get a version that would last a while, but how is it possible that that I cannot have the basic features I had with my 3.5 year old phone.  I don't need alot of the new technology, but the simple features that have been a part of the Galaxy universe for quite a while, I should be able to expect to have when I upgrade.  I received this phone from ATT this week.  My message version is and the phone records that this is the latest version.  

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