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S9 Text message ringtone


I can’t seem to assign different tunes to individual Contacts messages anymore but still can with their Call ringtone. Am I doing something wrong, any help TIA.

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@Jericho13 wrote:

Thank you for getting back to the thread. I believe that we feel that these phones are too expensive to be told to find this option on a 3rd party app. My s7 was completely able to individualize tones without a problem. I find that being able to differentiate messages from friends and family adds to the comfort of having a smart phone. Loyal Samsung customers are feeling belittled that this problem has been voiced for some time and yet still ignored. Please fix this. Don't lose valuable customers. 


Agree 100%



@AntS wrote:

Hi all. 


As a direct result of the feedback you guys have given here, the individual contact text message ringtone feature will be returning in a future update! :robothappy:


We're unable to give a timescale for this, but definitely look out for it in future software updates coming your way.


Thank you all for your contributions towards this! :robothappy::heart:

Thank you for responding to our concerns. As we do appreciate that this important feature will be returning can you please provide some type of timescale as to when? It seems vague to say in a future update considering that could mean the next update or an update 14 months from now, so it would be nice to know when we might expect to see it back. I think that  given the demand for this feature it should be pushed to a bit of a priority.


Thanks again.


@Swampy wrote:

Great.. Please also work on bringing back "swipe right to call" in the text message application. And options to change backgrounds in message. 

Yes, I also miss thise handy features.


I don't want another app to add to the bloatware already on the phone. I want it to work the way the phone came when I bought it! 


Yeah, they've been telling us this for 2 months. It's a lie. It's a breach of contract. We purchased with a set of functions that are to added to, not taken away. The only answer to this is a class action suit for breach of contract and return every one of these blasted phones back to Samsung!


I also just remembered you can not bring up an individual text.. Say you want to copy just a sentence or in my case an address out of a text. It only allows you to copy the entire text! 7 years ago my phone would let me copy the address only and get to maps directly. 


Thank you Samsung. Update through and you can now individualise text tones. Go to Samsung updates. Then updates in my apps. Samsung messages and update it. Then when opening go to the 3 dots at the top and from there you can individualise conversations . It's a work round but it works!


I tried  following your instructions Tangoman and still no way to give a contact their own ringtone. 

It's through the message app itself. It's the conversation or head that you apply the sound to, so if you keep the conversation in your message app and not delete the whole conversation it should stay the same. Hope this helps, as I said it's a work round not a full blown solution.

The messages from this thread were written in March and here it is mid-June and I got my new S9 today and still no message tones for individual contacts like my S6 had.


I do not believe for a moment that users fittv to have Samsung remove this feature. If other users don't like it, they don't have to use it. Very disappointed.

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